Thursday, November 16, 2006

99th post

Whoa, two posts in one day. That must be a new record. But yes, here is the interview with the third half of team Vanilla Bicycles. I don't understand why Hulick doesn't have a blog, but maybe this will give you some insight behind the man behind the bikes behind the...alien...what? Anyway, read on to find out how Kevin got the nickname "Husky", whether he or Shannon eats more burritos, and what's up with his intense hatred of Kozy Shack.

Too Vanilla For You: Please tell us your name, height, weight, and racial ethnicity.

Kevin: Kevin Bruce Hulick, 5'10", 170lbs this morning, white boy.

TVFY: 170? Really? Has anybody ever called you husky?

Kevin: Yes. Yes! No, thanks though. You’re just jealous because I got back. It’s so big and round, it’s like out there.

TVFY: How long have you been racing bikes? Racing cross?

Kevin: I did my first race when I was 17, it was mountain bike race. SoI guess that makes 16 years of racing. I did a cross race when I was 18, then a couple more cross races in my early to mid 20's. I didn't really get into cross until I moved to Oregon 6 years ago. After myfirst couple Cross Crusade races I was hooked on it.

TVFY: Do you have a real job? How much time does that take out of training time?

Kevin: Yes, I'm a mechanical engineer. I sit in front of a computer, draw pictures, email people, and check TVFY to see if it's been updated with any new Scary ramblings. I work 40+ hours a week, so that limits my riding time a bit. I still get out and ride enough.

TVFY: You won the cross crusade series in the A category last year. What kind of advice would you give to people who want to do the same thing?

Kevin: There is the usual advice like ride your bike a lot, drink lots of coffee before the race, buy a Vanilla, but the thing that helped me out the most last year was getting a proper bike fit. My friend, Timmy Evans, who works for Rebound Sports in Bend, fit me a month before cross season last year. He raised my saddle over an inch, and next thing I know, I have my name on a trophy. When Sacha fit me for my Vanilla this year, he put my saddle in the pretty much the same spot. Oh, my final
piece of advice is to have promoters schedule the last double point race on the same day a big national race (ie USGP finals in SF). That way all the crazy fast guys (Tonkin, Scary, Decker, Molly) will be gone, leaving the series win open for the mortals.

TVFY: Do you like burritos? What kind?

Kevin: I think my love of burritos borders on the "interesting". There has been many day's where I have eaten burritos for every meal. I usually get something without meat, because the meat from some places makes me a bit nervous. Plus, veggie burritos are cheaper, leaving me more money to spend on bike bits.

TVFY: I approve. What is it about wrapping something in a flour tortilla that makes it so delicious? Are you also on the Kozy Shack program?

Kevin: No. A previous roommate of mine, a freakishly fast, tall and long limbed farmer of trees, used to buy it on occasion. I tried some of his once, it’s was ok.

TVFY: I hear your apartment is pretty pimped out. Tell us about it.

Kevin: My Vanilla is pimped out; I don't think my apartment pimped out. It's a nice, little place in a sweet location, about 1 minute from Forest Park trails, with a view of the NW Industrialness. It does have a ping pong table in the basement, which could be used for some great winter training / entertainment. Can Ping Pong play ping pong?

TVFY: Hey, I'm asking the questions here. But to answer, yes, Ping Pong plays ping pong, better than he races bikes anyways. Ping pong is the sport of Ping Pong's people. Surprisingly, Slaven can play ping pong too. Do you have any other hobbies besides bike racing?

Kevin: That’s not saying much about Ping Pong’s ping pong prowess. Sorry, but that’s pay back for the “husky” comment. Sometime this winter we should have a TVFY Invitational Ping Pong Tournament. I’ll bet we can find a few more people to make it interesting. Maybe Shannon can put up a TVFY T-shirt and a tub of Kozy Shack for the winner, which will be me of course. As far as hobbies go, last year I started tele-skiing. It was hard on the ego to pick up a completely new, difficult sport and really suck at it, but I think it was a good character builder, and it is a lot of fun.

TVFY: Do you do any other types of racing? Or do you pretty much just
show up for cross?

Kevin: I do other types of races, just not all that often anymore. Road racing reminds me too much of driving in traffic. Brake, accelerate, accelerate, brake. I get stressed, start yelling, giving people the finger, etc. it's not a pretty picture. That being said, there are some great road races in Oregon, especially the stage races, I'd like to do Mt Hood again. That last stage there is epic. Mountain is my favorite type of riding. I'll probably still do a few cross country mtb races here and there next year, but now I'm more into doing big rides on fun trails and the occasional 100 mile race, I'm thinking about doing the Cream Puff again next year, and maybe a couple of others.

TVFY: Tubies or clinchers?

Kevin: Tubies for racing, clinchers for training. The plush ride of tubulars is so nice, plus my Vanilla looks way cool with Zipps on it, and that's really what it's all about. Next year I would like try a set of Stan's tubeless wheels. The tubeless has worked great on my mountain bike.

TVFY: Espresso or coffee?

Kevin: Yes please. Coffee, it's cheaper and easier to make in large quantities at home. I usually get espresso or an Americano when I out. I always get espresso when I'm with Sacha because that is what he gets, and I want him to think I'm like cool and stuff. Oh and I only drink Stumptown, because it's the best, and Hammer works there.

TVFY: Ipod or ipod nano?

Kevin: I have an Ipod, an older style 40 GB. Last week I took my girlfriends 20 GB Ipod apart because it wasn't working. Once apart, it started working, so opening and it up apparently fixed it...for now. So the lesson of the day is: If you have problems with your Ipod and it's out of warrantee, take it apart and fix it. It's pretty easy to open it up and replace the hard drive, battery, etc., and way cheaper than buyer a new one. That way you have more money to spend on burritos, espresso
and pimpin' your Vanilla.

Ok, that's it. Don't forget to scroll down and read the 98th post. Stay tuned for the 100th post, we've got something cool planned.

Peace out.

Ping Pong

98th post

Nearing the hundred mark. Last weekend didn't go as planned. At least it didn't go according to my plan. I'm sure Decker planned on winning. Not 20 seconds into the race, I had some bad luck that put me probably 20 riders back. I spent the next few laps working my way back up, but by the time I caught Tonkin, Decker was long gone. Hopefully I got the bad luck out of my system for this weekend.

I'm thinking about doing 3 races this weekend: the elite race and master's race up in Seattle, then Hillsboro here on Sunday. That's a lot of givin'er though. We'll see.

So what's been up with the weather? It was finally nice today. I went for a 2 week stretch without riding my bike outside. In fact, the other day, I actually had to do a bike change in the middle of my trainer ride. Somehow I snapped my saddle in half while riding indoors. Can you believe that?

I'll have to think of something clever to do for the hundredth post. Ping Pong promised to post an interview with Mr. Too Burrito For You himself, Kevin Hulick, so I guess that will be number 99. How about something like a mustache-off?

Peace out.


Saturday, November 11, 2006

State Championships

So tomorrow's the deal maker or deal breaker. If I win, I win the overall. If Decker wins, he wins the overall. If I get second and Decker gets 3rd, I win the overall. If Decker gets 2nd and I get 3rd he wins. But if I get 3rd and Decker gets 4th, he wins. Ya follow?

I need to summon the eye of the donkey to slay the Panda. Hopefully he'll wear his Panda suit, it seemed to slow him down.

I hope tomorrow doesn't last as long as last Sunday did. Last week I got to the race around 10:30 or 11, got home, sprayed down 3 bikes, all the shoes, all the clothes, and by that time it was about 7:30. I ate a little, watched a little TV, then went downstairs to finish up the drying and the lubing of the bikes. So by that time it was about 8, and I'm downstairs, and all of a sudden I hear a waterfall against the window. Turns out the gutters are clogged, so there I am at 8 at night, after a long day of racing, on the roof, fisting the downspout of my gutters. Then I had to do it again on monday.

So what is up with Lost? Taking a break until February 2007? They film in Hawaii, is it really that hard to work a little more? I work in Portland, where it rains an inch a day, and I still have to go to work. I have to know what happens to Jack and Sawyer and Kate and Henry.

Ok, so predictions for tomorrow:

1. Decker does not wear a panda suit
2. Neither does Tonkin
3. Can Solomon finish it off in the single speed category? Was that a prediction?
4. Too Vanilla for you reaches landmark 100th post after 3 more posts.

Peace out.


Thursday, November 02, 2006


updating my blog. Oh yeah, and finally won a race too. What took me so long? Seriously. I guess I have two race updates to do. Here we go.

Horning's hideout-
Stupid Decker. 2nd place.

Flying M Ranch-
Stupid drunk people, 1st place.

So pomegranates are back in season. I like to sit down with one every Wednesday to watch Lost. That way I can keep myself entertained during the commercials. I also like to act out any action scenes by using pomegranate juice as fake blood, if necessary.

Apparently cross nationals is on record pace for their registration. I heard something like 600 people signed up in the first 10 minutes. I hope they're not all doing the elite race! Although I should get a callup, either based on my win last year or hopefully with some points from USGP, or maybe I'll just show the officials my blog and they'll all be wowed.

Next time you don't get your way at the callup try using this line: "Do you know who I am?" It always works. Trust me.

And for my weekly installment of picture stolen from, here's a picture of my new teammate Elliot's special friend.

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