Thursday, November 02, 2006


updating my blog. Oh yeah, and finally won a race too. What took me so long? Seriously. I guess I have two race updates to do. Here we go.

Horning's hideout-
Stupid Decker. 2nd place.

Flying M Ranch-
Stupid drunk people, 1st place.

So pomegranates are back in season. I like to sit down with one every Wednesday to watch Lost. That way I can keep myself entertained during the commercials. I also like to act out any action scenes by using pomegranate juice as fake blood, if necessary.

Apparently cross nationals is on record pace for their registration. I heard something like 600 people signed up in the first 10 minutes. I hope they're not all doing the elite race! Although I should get a callup, either based on my win last year or hopefully with some points from USGP, or maybe I'll just show the officials my blog and they'll all be wowed.

Next time you don't get your way at the callup try using this line: "Do you know who I am?" It always works. Trust me.

And for my weekly installment of picture stolen from, here's a picture of my new teammate Elliot's special friend.

So we wait two weeks for a blog update and this is the crap you give us? WTF? For the love of god, put a little effort in it.
oh it gives me great ideas...

but i'll spare the ramblings here and put em over in my own space... donna wanna pollute the portland love fest here between pong dong and Shannon... i mean ping pong... woops
If you read the blog carefully you'll realize the lovefest is between me and Slaven, not me and Ping Pong.
I can't believe you put a picture of my "special friend" on your blog.
I thought this was a family site?
referring to the moment... not the whole culture/theme of the blog ya know... eh?

but then i did give you an opportunity to reaffirm the true love fest between you and slaven, No?
You're definatetly going to have to step up the blogging, maybe if you spent half the time improving your blogging technique rather than dragging tires up Logie behind that piece of crap you ride, your blog would be National Champion Caliber.

joking about your ride
not joking about the crap putting out.
There's no shame in the love between a man and his little alien friend.
Yes, more effort into the blog... If not, please give us more Ping and more Pong.
Ping Pong, when are you going to email me? I'm dying over here.
Ummm...does ET have an "a" liscence to race? Will wqe see him at Hillsboro?
Does he like Cozy Shack?
Does he help you win with his glow in the dark finger?
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