Thursday, November 16, 2006

98th post

Nearing the hundred mark. Last weekend didn't go as planned. At least it didn't go according to my plan. I'm sure Decker planned on winning. Not 20 seconds into the race, I had some bad luck that put me probably 20 riders back. I spent the next few laps working my way back up, but by the time I caught Tonkin, Decker was long gone. Hopefully I got the bad luck out of my system for this weekend.

I'm thinking about doing 3 races this weekend: the elite race and master's race up in Seattle, then Hillsboro here on Sunday. That's a lot of givin'er though. We'll see.

So what's been up with the weather? It was finally nice today. I went for a 2 week stretch without riding my bike outside. In fact, the other day, I actually had to do a bike change in the middle of my trainer ride. Somehow I snapped my saddle in half while riding indoors. Can you believe that?

I'll have to think of something clever to do for the hundredth post. Ping Pong promised to post an interview with Mr. Too Burrito For You himself, Kevin Hulick, so I guess that will be number 99. How about something like a mustache-off?

Peace out.


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