Friday, October 20, 2006


So I haven't been doing too much blogging lately. But I've had a bunch of other stuff going on. Like watching Lost. Did anybody see it this past Wednesday? Now normally I don't watch any more than 4, maybe 5 hours of TV a day. But come Wednesday night at 9, even if I've hit my 5 hours, I'll make an exception. That show's just good.

Did anybody notice that the Vanilla crew was rocking some new duds this past weekend? The clothes aren't too different, a little more blue, but the big change is that our latest sponsor is all over it. That's right, constantly plugging Stumptown coffee on this blog has finally paid off big. I now ride for Team Vanilla-Bicycles-presented-by-Stumptown-coffee-racing-on-Zipp-wheels-dot-portland'swaybetterthantheeastcoast-dot-ilikecats-dot-com. Is there some sort of blingiest race team award? Or team with most blogger's award?

The milk's still been a little sour. At last weekend's I had two super fast laps, but unfortunately they were preceded by 7 slow ones including a flat tire and a sweet 180 coming down the little hill towards the pits where I somehow ended up stopped and watching the top 5 riding towards me and then past me. On the plus side I did have my own umbrella girl at the start, I mean umbrella drunk. He was less sober than anybody else, except maybe Brad Ross.

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See ya at the races

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Sometimes you get the milk for free...

and sometimes the cow gets you.

These past couple weeks of racing, you could say that I've tried to milk the cow's teat, but the milk has come out all sour and maybe even yellow. At Alpenrose I got a good gap out of the gates, but coming into the run up I slid out and jabbed my left foot into the ground. For a minute I thought I broke my foot, but it turns out I just sprained it badly. Then I rode around for awhile.

Then at Gloucester I got a crappy start position (don't they do call-ups according to how nice your bike is? I would win) and had a hard time making up ground on a super-fast, not-super-techy course with a gimpy ankle. Sunday was the same story, battling it out for a crappy result, so I pulled the plug.

Hey, but on the plus side I diverted a complete catastrophe. I forgot that I had left a complete tub of Kozy Shack in the fridge at the bed and breakfast we stayed at. On Sunday I packed up the car, went to the race course, forgetting all about the Shack. Luckily somebody at the race mentioned it, and as a warm-up I hightailed it back to the inn, got the kozy shack, and made it back in time to start the race.

You know what's pro? Chris Horner did Gloucester last weekend, then flew back to Europe to do Tour of Lombardy today. You know what's not so pro? My A bike, zipp carbons, and bontrager race-x-lites are still in transit from the east coast. So this weekend I'll have to use my B bike (Dura-Ace 9 speed? Please) and my old carbon bontragers.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Twin Timbers

I stole this off somebody's blog.

And yes, Skerritt does love Slaven, but it's a fine platonic man love, sort of like what Wicks and Trebon have going.

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