Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Twin Timbers

I stole this off somebody's blog.

And yes, Skerritt does love Slaven, but it's a fine platonic man love, sort of like what Wicks and Trebon have going.

trebon is really tan.
barry's nose is really wierd
Barry's really wierd
slaven resembles 'fathter guarducci' of SNL. did they drop hands just B4 the photo was taken? fess up. nicely bound couple,,,,, speaking of Bound with Gershon & Tilly,,,,are these fellas bound in a similar way? a must see film: slick, hot film about heisting the mob, a must see,,,,created by the Wachowski brothers of Matrix, ~1999. peace out, luv thy popcorn n' films.
Hey - freaking cool ta run into ya there... WTF happened to ya?

I was pretty sure you were prancing about in the elite field wearing the # 51... but

no results...

did one of the Haiti guys take ya out?

did the small mason jar bounce out and rip the bike apart?

what happened...

inquiring minds want to know
Sager wants his picture back
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