Friday, October 20, 2006


So I haven't been doing too much blogging lately. But I've had a bunch of other stuff going on. Like watching Lost. Did anybody see it this past Wednesday? Now normally I don't watch any more than 4, maybe 5 hours of TV a day. But come Wednesday night at 9, even if I've hit my 5 hours, I'll make an exception. That show's just good.

Did anybody notice that the Vanilla crew was rocking some new duds this past weekend? The clothes aren't too different, a little more blue, but the big change is that our latest sponsor is all over it. That's right, constantly plugging Stumptown coffee on this blog has finally paid off big. I now ride for Team Vanilla-Bicycles-presented-by-Stumptown-coffee-racing-on-Zipp-wheels-dot-portland'swaybetterthantheeastcoast-dot-ilikecats-dot-com. Is there some sort of blingiest race team award? Or team with most blogger's award?

The milk's still been a little sour. At last weekend's I had two super fast laps, but unfortunately they were preceded by 7 slow ones including a flat tire and a sweet 180 coming down the little hill towards the pits where I somehow ended up stopped and watching the top 5 riding towards me and then past me. On the plus side I did have my own umbrella girl at the start, I mean umbrella drunk. He was less sober than anybody else, except maybe Brad Ross.

stolen from

See ya at the races

The only thing that makes robots bearable, is an affinity for kittys.
I almost ran into you during that sweet 180 dance move! And then I popped out into the front and suddenly realized that it wasn't going to happen for long... Then Tonkin and Decker twisted the throttle wide open and all I could do was eat their muddy rooster tail. That fleeting moment was nice though. Something I'll savor for at least one more day.
Did I tell you we've been hosting a LOST party every Wednesday night at Pete's house? Who is gonna die this season? Sawyer? Jack?
Cute photo alert! You are giving a run for the money. (on the cute photos, at least).

PS. We need a kitten if you find anymore on bike paths or under pick up trucks.
Why don't you win a race Mr. Cozy Shack?
Oh wait, maybe you did win a race--never mind.
sooo who's this?

chippin the wheel and face planting good eh?

not good press for the 'nilla squad eh?

that and it begs the question...

who buys a Vanilla and DOESN'T go for the fancy drop out option? I mean WTF?
that "g" fellow is a fool
yeah... anonymous - that g fellow is not only a fool, but a tool, and slow, not to mention the other laundry list...

suckiest was used once, and continues...

nothing new...

he's just some west coast raised east coast moved to midwest back to east coast fool...
Ummm, that's Sacha, he builds my bikes. He can ride whatever he wants. And I'll win a race when Carl Decker and other people stop beating me.

definitely feel like the fool now...


*slinks away to a dark corner of blustery new england to hide*
Carl Decker beats you because he has calves that are way more ripped than yours...Maybe you should lay off the junk food. I mean, pudding is for Bill Cosby and the kids. Try a 4 hour ride for a change?
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Molly and Tonkin would have to stop beating you too.

Im just sayin'.
Good Point, but Molly is on his team so that's "ok". Tonkin is he "friend" so that's ok too..
I think it's the Kozy Shack Puddin' that keeps beating Shammy..
well i'm just as slow with or without the Kozy Shack....

and the Shack tastes good... dats enough reason to not put the puddin down
Wow he just won a race. What do I know?
Maybe he gave some shack to Carl Decker? MAybe it gave him gas?
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