Saturday, November 11, 2006

State Championships

So tomorrow's the deal maker or deal breaker. If I win, I win the overall. If Decker wins, he wins the overall. If I get second and Decker gets 3rd, I win the overall. If Decker gets 2nd and I get 3rd he wins. But if I get 3rd and Decker gets 4th, he wins. Ya follow?

I need to summon the eye of the donkey to slay the Panda. Hopefully he'll wear his Panda suit, it seemed to slow him down.

I hope tomorrow doesn't last as long as last Sunday did. Last week I got to the race around 10:30 or 11, got home, sprayed down 3 bikes, all the shoes, all the clothes, and by that time it was about 7:30. I ate a little, watched a little TV, then went downstairs to finish up the drying and the lubing of the bikes. So by that time it was about 8, and I'm downstairs, and all of a sudden I hear a waterfall against the window. Turns out the gutters are clogged, so there I am at 8 at night, after a long day of racing, on the roof, fisting the downspout of my gutters. Then I had to do it again on monday.

So what is up with Lost? Taking a break until February 2007? They film in Hawaii, is it really that hard to work a little more? I work in Portland, where it rains an inch a day, and I still have to go to work. I have to know what happens to Jack and Sawyer and Kate and Henry.

Ok, so predictions for tomorrow:

1. Decker does not wear a panda suit
2. Neither does Tonkin
3. Can Solomon finish it off in the single speed category? Was that a prediction?
4. Too Vanilla for you reaches landmark 100th post after 3 more posts.

Peace out.


Congratulations on your 97th post! I remember back when the site was in it's infancy. Back when you called Shannon "he" instead of "I".
Yeah those were the days. And what about all those interviews you used to do? They were great! So informative. I hope you have another 97 great posts! Viva toovanila!!
Sorry about the crash early on. That was quite the setback. (Thanks for not taking me down with you!) It really helped me get an early gap. Way to come back strong. Looked like you were riding well.
yeah, I was practically pissing my pants when I saw you in front of me.
For about a split second I thought I was going to suck your wheel all the to the front. That lasted all of about 200 meters.

Kill it this weekend.
I think I'm going to have to start my own blog.
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