Friday, September 01, 2006

you know it

Buy my bikes.

I've got my Waterford cross bike for sale, check it out at, and I've also got my Fisher 29er for sale. I'll throw in an autographed (empty) tub of Kozy Shack for anybody that buys a bike.

In other news, for you conspiracy theorists out there, did you hear about the youtube video that parodied Al Gore in "An Inconvenient Truth"? Yeah, apparently a couple dudes out there made a video making fun of Al Gore, and when they traced it to the original posters, it turned out that Exxon Mobil actually put out the video. Now it's been pulled and the video is nowhere to be found.

Seriously, buy my bikes. That will help me fund my cross season, and for those of you that asked, I'll probably make it back out to the east coast this season, but only for the Gloucester races. Other than that, I plan on rocking my Vanillas on the Friday morning Saltzman sprint series. I'll have Ping Pong pit for me halfway up the climb in case I need my spare bike.

Here's my pre-preseason cross picks:
Todd Wells will ride fast.
So will Treboner.
And that other tall guy, Wicknasty.
And that hairy guy, with the brown cut-off skinsuit. He'll really be Tonking this year.
Watch for Matthew "AC 'Broken legs' Slater" Slaven riding gears in the A's this year.
Watch for Ping Pong to attack out of the back of the single speeds.
I'll be trying to drink as much coffee as possible.

Peace out.

(buy my bikes)

i'd consider buyin em but freaking only wicknasty or treefarm's damn crap would fit me...

No Nats this year? come on... gotta make it out for Nats again...

they paid good for 'Nilla with the c-news press,No?
dear shammy,
let's talk about this other social phenomenon called,
"women competitors getting less prize money than men competitors who race the same course for the same amount of time, paying the same entry fee". More pressing than global warming, I swear......
Todd wells is a Tool!!!!!!!
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