Friday, September 22, 2006


Wicknasty wrote:
how you you last so long in the sack?

Get yourself a spellchecker. And I hope you're not referring to the times that we had to share a bed. I think I was so traumatized by the experiences that I just passed out and woke up 10 hours later. Is that what you mean?

Chigger Mcnuggets wrote:
What about cross bike #4?
It's for sale at sellwood cycle.

Will it have carbon fiber derailleur pulley bearings? What about sparkle bar tape wrap?
No. No.

And what's with grifo 32's being 470 grams while tufo flexus 32's are only 310 grams. Why go grifo then? Shit, the grifo's are heavier than stans'ed up michi muds!
That's why you offset the extra weight with the second set of carbon wheels.

Also, where the heck is Hulick???
I don't know. I wonder what Hulick's doing now?

g wrote:

no mention of Kozy Shack?


ain't that the secret to being fast?

is it supposed to be eaten the night before or the day of?

go over that again...

Ok, so Kozy Shack is good, and I eat a lot of it, but let's be serious. It's pretty much empty calories, and it's so addicting that you really have to limit your intake. I try to only eat one tub at a time. 22 ounces of goodness. Ping Pong thought it would be good race food so he tried it once a couple hours before a race. It turns out that he's slightly lactose intolerant, so be careful.

and so what? you too sissy to try out Providence this year again? Ya think Kansas City will be a warmer venue in the middle of December?

Nah, I'll be going out to the east coast twice this year. Once for Gloucester, then again for nationals. I might do a couple races in RI before nationals, so that trip might be a little longer.

The other third of team Vanilla is out at the Michigan UCI races this weekend chasing the UCI points. I'll be chasing Slaven around Hood River this weekend, or maybe just my cats around the house because I've got a bad head cold.

Peace out.

Great... now you tell me, after i discover the addictive side affect.

Will be looking for ya at Gloucester... and on my home turf!

V. Cool man... v cool...
congrats on a nice race at Steilacoom
Thanks for staying away from Hood River, and leaving the rest of the lucrative payout to us other players. Oh, wait. Forgot. There WAS no prize money. Oh well, I guess we have pretty much thrashed that place enough that they need some dough to repair it.

There are some new players this year, and the field is even MORE stacked. *sigh* I guess it's never going to be easy *sigh again*

Hey, if you bump into Mr. Mahoney out on the road, remind him that it's not a good idea to take out the entire field (ok, aside from the first 4) in the first tight corner.
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