Wednesday, September 27, 2006

1st race

So you know when you're racing, there's always a couple people that you judge yourself against. You're always duking it out with each other, sometimes you'll win, sometimes they'll win, kind of like Ping Pong and the second to last place finisher. Well, last winter I showed that I was faster than every male aged 35-39 in the US. But for me, I can never quite catch up to Seattle.

I've duked it out with Seattle many times now, and Seattle always comes out on top. That's right, I've never won a Seattle race. I thought this past Sunday would be my chance, but excuses excuses excuses, yada yada yada, I couldn't pull off the W. Seriously though, it's a bummer when you pull a cat. 5 move and can't clip into your pedal after a remount, and it sucks even more when you get outsprinted because of it. Oh well.

This weekend is Star crossed and then Alpenrose. I think the racing will be good because word on the street is there are new fast guys in town. I hope they bring their A game. I think I'll use my B bike. C ya there. That was lame. The other word on the street is that Tonkin busted out his fixed gear road bike and did the single speed race. Maybe I should do that, and see if I can win a Vanilla frame for the single speed series.

Peace out.


This was the lamest post ever. I apologize.
it's okay. we all make mistakes. some more embarrassing than others. like solomon. he does that all the time...
4 tenths, you need to lay off the Cozy Shack or eat more of it what ever works. But 4 tenths!!! Maybe you should start eating Hagen-das Bars.

Daniel Neyens Hagens-Ber 1 0:51:47.0
Shannon Skerritt Vanilla 2 0:51:47.4
Its Kozy Shack...

and i'd wager those 4 tenths in arears would have translated to 4 seconds in front if a whole tub of Kozy Shack had been consumed upon waking that day...

and the post wasn't THAT bad...

still less lame than any of the shizzle i've posted in mine
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