Tuesday, August 08, 2006


More short track last night. Once again duked it out with Molly and Slater for the first few laps, with Molly taking second and Slater coming in third. Through the tight trees I almost stacked it right in front of the hecklers while leading it, but luckily I pulled through and redeemed myself with the win.

Coming up this week...Friday's downtown crit, then the short track finale then state championships, then some cross races and then nationals. Maybe I'll bust out the stars and bars.

Gotta go Kozy up.

Peace out.

Are you the sht-tracker who resembles a bumble bee,,,,,,yeller bike, doning a blk jersey?

Buzz out [pointy butt],
pattiPres Tah

PS: tomorrow, i'will find ya again ,,,,what insect should I search for among da swarm? vanilla humble bee with kozyS dribbles down the front end? ok.
Are you going to make it back east for the UCI Cross Race - up here in VT. Sept. 23/24

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