Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Post race re-preview

Another weekend of racing down. The racing went exactly like I didn't want it to. Friday night I was hoping to go big, but it was hard to go against the Healthnet juggernaut without the help from other locals and without Ping Pong to attack off the back. I got stuck trying to attack or bridge solo too many times, and ended up only taking a few primes.

Saturday's race wasn't so good either. I raced to the coffee pot when I got into work, only to find myself battling it out for the scraps. I don't know if I wasn't warmed up or if I was still tired from Friday night, but normally I can smell the coffee before it even goes in the grinder. That morning I had some trouble and ended up with some coffee that had been sitting around for awhile.

By Sunday I was getting a little tired. I normally love going to Gresham (I try to make it out there at least once a week, maybe for some Starbucks or dinner at Applebee's) but this race kind may have changed my view just a little. It's tough racing Friday night with lights, a live band, and thousands of spectators, and then going to racing around a course with some dude mowing his lawn two days later. Then I crashed, crunched my helment, may have sprained my wrist or broken a finger or something.

Last night was the short track finale. I was really sore from the crash on Sunday, so I rode out there just to feel things out. I decided to do just enough to hold onto my overall series lead, which meant cheering from the sidelines and climbing onto the podium after the race. I think Slaven finally got his big W after everybody else in the Pro/Elite field dropped out. But if you think that's the only way he can win, you should know that he also took the state Super-D championship this saturday, as well as the Willamette Blvd. sprint against Ping Pong on Sunday.

Peace out.

I spectated that night and was both afraid and impressed by your attempt to bridge the gap up to the four leaders. Afraid of the way you "flipped" the bike through that right hander at the beer garden...very interesting cornering technique sir and very impressive effort.
Your dry humor is very funny. Also very similar to my own. Maybe that is what is so funny. I can just sit in front of a mirror all day and humor myself. Sometimes I feel like I am wasting my humor that way though so good thing there are such things as blogs and blog comment boxes. Good stuff like that shouldn't go to waste.

Do I smell a book contract in the works? Think about it. In fact, think about it so much that you forget to train for cross. So the also-man's like myself can actually have a chance.
It's very natural for you, posing the happy photo-shot with jonathanM, in bikeportland.org,,,, ya look good,,,,,mr bad boy in uniform, black jersey [w/X-wide tie-cuffs]. sorry, hearing about your crash--tell us, it did not involve lawnmower man! is your b/g comrade [banadana man] ok? we witnessed him down, friday. ps: can ping-pong ingest more chop suey into his tank, for assisted performance? kudos! to kidSlaven!
smiles, pattiP
So sorry to hear about the crash, Shannon. At least you saved the elbows this time.

I was not at the race but saw you riding there in the groovy new outfit. How did I miss those arm warmers? Oh, wait, I mean the sweatbands.

Give Dean'r a big smooch for me!
Not only funny, but flexible. Will you be wearing the same'ol' stuff this fall? If so, get on Sascha. That is SO 2004/2005.

Hey, that lawn's not gonna mow itself.

Some whiteboy in the 4/5's in tight (as in that's tight!) clothes ended up on the back of my ride when they crashed in corner 4.
I noticed that you still have the tagline "I've got the most ripped calves of all my co-workers" I hate to correct you, but I believe we've gone down that road and I also beelieve that Ping-Pong now owns all rights to the above quoted phrase. Am I right, or am I right...or amiright, or amiright...?
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