Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Cross season

We're getting close to cross season, which means we're also coming up to the one year anniversary for Too Vanilla For You. In the first year, the blog's gotten a lot of stuff accomplished, including:

1) A limited edition line of T-shirts
2) many converts to Kozy Shack usage
3) spread of anti-Walmart sentiment (did you see how Walmart was just denied a spot outside of Beaverton for development? Yeah, that was because of the blog).
4) from what I see, the internet's only live update from the master's 34-39 national cross championship race
5) repopularization of the term "peace out"

Here's the blog's next mission: go see the movies "An Inconvenient Truth" and "Who Killed the Electric Car?". Nobody has to agree with me, or agree with the movie, but that's not the point. As my favorite economic and political philosopher, Friedrich Hayek, would point out, people make decisions with the information they have. While it's always impossible to get all the information you need to make the "right" decision, more information can't hurt, right? And both of these movies will hopefully make everybody out there more aware of the situations regarding cars, gas, oil companies, big corporations, and global warming.

Should I be able to tell you what car to drive? No? Than why should a small group of people in Detroit and another small group of people in California get to decide for you?

Peace out.


dude - check it out


kick ass bit on Portland from the BBC

(me being seattle boy still says Portland is a poopy city... but that's just me bias and experiences)

fast forward in the pod cast (download it - about 60 megs) to the 14:20 time stamp or so... or listen to the whole thing...
Nice Trek, you anti-corporate crusader, you.
Hey Shannon,

Did you get any shi-shi replacements for your carbon bontragers yet?

What tubulars do you recommend. Tufo Flexus or Grifo?

And will you be sporting the stars and stripes this year, or plain ol' vanilla blue.

Much ablidged, sir.


I saw Al Gores' worthy documentary--it hurts to hear the truth.

Here's my anti-global warming Utopia: people must ride their bikes before they earning privileges to drive their car--accumulating credits for miles. So for those 2:3 american adipose-beasts/ obese fr-fries lovers,[hang up your mobile phones]; get outta your suburbans, & begin cycling. Imagine the wt loss? The slim-jim kids? Less the diabetic/cripple-injured-knee-back moaners? Less hospital visits & stomach-stapling surgeries? Imagine the calm, happy Gaggle of Fit people--roaming the cleaner, protected Earth? sigh. PS: I hope our gas prices rise to 10.00/gal--time to ride/walk to max!!

Leave it to americans--who drive to check their mailbox. I support Gore. Whew, climbin' off my soap box,,,,,feel mo'better.

PSS: 'Thanks for smoking' is smart & well done; 'Electric car' is on my agenda. --peace luv out
Shannon. Thanks.

RE: the Grifos... any simple bullet points as to why vs. Tufo Flexus?

I know Grifos have a butyl liner. Tufo not. Tufos can be sealed w/ stuff. Grifos can be sealed too? They are approx. 100g. heavier I know.

Your insight is much appreciated.
That's a disgrace to the jersey, you've got to wear it!! Unless it's framed on the wall nicely.

What about those Vanilla Stars and Stripes edition cross bikes I've seen rollin' out of Walmart?
Vanilla stars and stripes sounds like some sort of ice cream treat that's rolled out for the 4th of July.
Maybe Cozy Shack will start putting pictures of athletes on the container like Wheaties and you my freind,will be the inagural athlete.
Wuz up with Todd Wells site, did you hijack it or something??

I wonder what Ping Pong is doing right now......
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