Sunday, July 02, 2006

Diet update

So today was the Tabor circuit race, I tried to top myself off with a bunch of water and food, and I left my house at 158 lbs. I proceeded to enter Tabor, drop out, then ride for a couple hours. When I got home I was a mere 152 lbs! Beat that, Atkins diet! A couple more days like that and I can start eating again.

But seriously, I drank 4 bottles of water over 3.5 hrs of ride time, and still lost 6 lbs. WTF? Was it really that hot today? Got home feeling a little woozy, have been drinking water ever since, and I was finally (4 hrs later) able to pee. That can't be good.

Shannon's coming back on Thursday.

Peace out,

Ping Pong

worst post ever
That's unduly harsh. Whats the matter? Your diet not working out so well?
WTF?? Drink more electolytes.

Be like Boonen, 27yrs, 6ft 4in & 176# pure lean beef, grade A angus :)

I think his entire bod is one pulsating electolyte [fast, twitch muscle cyclist].

Pee test: if it looks like gatorade going it, then it must be the same coming out.

PS: my tacoDel Mar pork jumbo burrito diet is working well. fat is melting away,,,,,,like warm cheese fondue.
I've been told that molly cameron owns the short track.

It is NOT ok to grab my butt as you lap the womans field during Short Track.

Thank you.....
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