Wednesday, July 19, 2006

2 funny stories

So last week I'm getting ready to close the store, it's 7:45, I've got the bikes inside, the window gates closed, and somebody from Vancouver calls and asks what time we close. I tell him 8. Then he asks the price on something, I tell him, and he says "ok, I'm coming in to check it out". I said "'ve got 15 minutes to make it in". He gave me the ol' "what the hell" comments and I was about ready to write it off as another crazy Vancouver-ite when I looked at a clock and noticed that it was actually only 6:45.


You see, my watch is one of those fancy un-digital ones, and to make matters worse, there's no numbers on it, only hash-marks where the numbers should go. How is anybody supposed to tell time with something like that?

The second funny story actually happened to Ping Pong. So he was riding his mountain bike around town the other day when he kept hearing this "tick...tick... tick" sound. He's thinking he should check to make sure his crank arms are tight when the left one falls off.

Morals: Don't ask me what time it is, and don't let Ping Pong work on your bike. He's only good for cleaning.

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