Saturday, June 17, 2006


Next week, I'll be defending my Tabor crown by hopping on a plane to Italy for a week of riding and cappuccino. Ping Pong will once again take over the blog while I'm gone. Please direct your complaints toward him.

While I'm gone, Team Bike Gallery-Trek/Volkswagen presented by Kozy Shack will be represented by Corey "should have won the calf-off" Stayton, David "too hairy for you" Garcia, and Yann "my bike is more Discovery Channel than yours" Blindert. Ping Pong will be looking to improve on his 36th placed DNF. Dean Tracy will be looking to show up. And Solomon will be trying to grow a mustache.




Peace out. I mean ciao. I mean chow.

Come race your new bike at Skibowl on Sunday. At least the short track. Come on... you know you want to.
I just thought I'd let everyone know that workers have left three ladders against the back wall of Hollywood Bike Gallery this weekend... you know, in case anyone wants to climb up there on the roof and leave salami to melt on the skylights.

I'm kidding about the salami. I'm not kidding about the ladders.
That Jack Black-looking superguy should be posted guard on your roof.
when we where kids we used to climb up on the roof of the bowlign alley, and the bike gallery through the apartment complex behind it...

shoudl dangle burritos from the skylights... kepp a certain mrsomeone too occupied to beat us.
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