Saturday, May 06, 2006


Apparently spurred on by Pong's comments about underperformance from BG employees, somebody finally got it done. That's right, the Gallery's own Pete "Buy my Carbon wheels" Zlatnik took the big V (or is it W?) in last Tuesday's cat 4/5 world championship. Of course, everybody except OBRA knew he was sandbagging, but hey, he'll be in next week's 3/4 race trying to repeat his performance.

Check it out: Stephen Colbert is hilarious. It's even funnier when you remember that he's talking to an audience of all the senior press members and that Bush and his wife Laura are there.

Check out this funny ebay auction: Is it Ping Pong?

Molly Cameron is threatening to out me on her site. Apparently I'm too "in" right now. Too Vanilla is the new pink.

Peace out.

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You don't even know. I have like 60 spam-comments a day. Geez, life is rough over here at the Veloshop. Good job at PIR last Tuesday, heard you made a solo break from lap 1, still had your fenders on, did not need water bottles and a rocked an S&M sleeveless jersey. How can I get that fast? Will you show me?
V.S.A. for life, holmes.
sherlock holmes?
Happy Birthday Ping Pong!
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