Monday, May 01, 2006

Ping Pong, a redux

This is Ping Pong posting again, mainly because apparently Skerritt's too busy burrito-ing to post, but also because I'm the only other one who knows his password to the blog. Anyway, thought I'd fill everybody in with the details of the weekend spent with my man-wife.

Saturday was spent getting to work early, then getting off work early. Slaven and I went to the movies to catch the matinee viewing of the new movie called "Stick it". Anyways, I was a little apprehensious about the movie while I was buying the ticket because I kept overhearing 13 year old girls also buying tickets to the movie. But after sitting through 2 hours of pure bliss, i can say with confidence that this is the best movie ever. Seriously. Go see it. It's rocks too hard for only one hand. Oh, and on a side note, Slaven's new nickname is Wei Wei.

Sunday was spent sucking it up at Bear Springs. Seriously, we sucked like a brand new Hoover. Slaven apparently imploded in the Elite race along with quite a few other people. I took my customary anonymous mid-pack finish in the single speed. I blew up about 10 miles to the finish, which was actually longer than I thought I was going to last because I thought we were at about mile 20 at one point and when I asked somebody with a computer how far we had left, he said we were only at mile 11. Ouch.

Then we drank some beer. We discussed how there are some stellar racers at the Hollywood bike gallery, but nobody's put it together for a great result yet. Everybody's always got some excuse. Solomon "worked too hard in the break", Dean's got "a broken rib and sternum", I'm "Asian". It's always something.

Then we went and visited my hot, hot (fake) girlfriend for more beer and food, went home, and passed out.

Oh yeah, we got our new kits to match our bikes. Look out for the brand new, purple-no-more, blackalicious bike gallery kits at the front and back of local weeknight races near you. No more Grimace for me.

I don't normally post but you are really oh so vanilli for all or us this time! BooYa!
That image makes me grimace. Oh to be purple and pear shaped in a spring green, pencil thin world... *sigh*
it's not that you're too asian, it's that you "just missed the sprint" or... you "missed the break" or, maybe you "worked to hard early on" or you "dont train enough"... see, there are always plenty of excuses!
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