Tuesday, May 16, 2006

From Grimace:


To the Hamburglar:



That's what I'm talking about.

Yes, Ping Pong is old. And fat.

So what's up with all the sandbagging going on? Larsen in experts, Molly Cameron in pro women (though I guess she did finish last), Pete Zlatnik (remember the name!) in cat 5's at PIR. I haven't seen that many sandbags since the great flood of 1996.

Last place in Pro is better than 1st place in Expert. I tell myself that while I cry myself to sleep every night. SLarsen was actually heckling me at the start too!
let's call him slar for kicks...
Dear Sirs,
My name is Matt Cardinal. I believe for the most part this blog has been reporting a fair and balanced view of the subject matter. HOWEVER, I've always had a problem with the statement that Shannon has "the most ripped calves out of all my co-workers" I think this may be open for debate. (has anyone else SEEN Slavens?!!)While this may seem like a small, matter, I would say the opposite. It questions the very foundations of this blog and is a subject that should receive the appropriate attention.
Thank you and good day
sounds like a calf-off to me...
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