Monday, April 03, 2006


...and vanilla-er than ever. Vanilla-ier? Vanillier? Milli Vanilli?

This is the latest new bike. It's a madone 5.9 SL. The "SL" stands for "Shannon". The "L" is a typo. It pedals fast and seems even smoother than last year's madone. I think it's due to the non-aero wheels versus the aeros that were on it last year. It's even Kinged out with a gold headset.

Let's see...I had a pretty good time with the last few races. I skipped the last Banana Belt, skipped Ice Breaker, skipped Piece of Cake. Next week I plan on skipping King's Valley, but maybe I just won't show up instead. I even plan on skipping some Tabor races this summer. But watch out at PIR, where I plan to dominate most (some) Tuesday nights, and where Ping Pong has announced he'll be making his long-awaited return to riding slower than anybody else in the A field. But he'll have a cooler bike.

Did I post on here that Boonen would win Flanders? If I didn't, I should have. He pretty much dominated the race, doing most of the work with Hoste in the break, then when Hoste jumped him with 400 m to go out of that last corner he just BRAAAAHPED it up to his wheel and came around him like me to Kozy Shack. Will he take Roubaix next weekend?

And while we're talking about who's winning races, Ping Pong and the BG's other stellar climber, Deaner, have agreed to go mano a mano at the Larch Mtn. TT. We're taking donations for prizes for the winner between the two. So far the pot is up to 2 snickers bars and a box of condoms.

your bike is uglier than mine still
It kind of looks like every other bike on the road. So I guess that's ok if your into that kind of thing.
Let's see you out racing the bike Shannon.....oops, might regret saying that!!! He will come out and school us all.
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Dear Shannon,
I was wondering if you would mind answering a couple questions. First, what is like to have so many hot women want to get with you? Is it always a honey-fest after the races, like they show us in rap videos? (y'know, bootys shakin' and cars bouncin') Your blog does a great job at showing the gritty side of being a national caliber bicycle racer, but I am interested in the party side of racing bicycles. I am planning on buying a Trek Madone and maybe giving this racing thing a try so I can get with the honeys too.
Should be an interesting race with the Deaner out of commission for a few precious weeks of training..
John Millei painting trade for race bicycle!

Shannon keep this on the low down, but a friend of mine is looking to trade a John Millei painting he owns for a high end racing bicycle.

This original artwork is 75" x 80" from his flower series, prior to his
famous "for surfing" exhibition. It's rumored that John grew up a privileged Malibu boy, but
shed his bourgeois identity to compete professionally as a world cup big
wave surfer. He turned to painting in the late 70's after blowing out his
eardrums in a gnarly slam into a coral reef. John's a great guy and was
recently featured in the prestigious Venice Biennial.

The painting is from 2003 and is signed by the artist, both on the front and
back. This is an oil painting on thick handmade Japanese fiberous paper, and
will come with a certificate of authenticity/ ownership. I believe the 2003
list price for this work was $8000, but the value has gone up. This painting
will only increase in value and is a great investment off the radar from
capital gains taxes.

Currently John has a show at ACE Gallery in Beverly Hills. ( ) John's gallery also represented such artists as: Tim
Hawkinson, Tara Donovan, Robert Graham, Dennis Hopper, etc.

He's willing to make the trade for any high end racing bicycle

Email before April 25 if interested.
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