Sunday, April 09, 2006

Anonymous asked...

I thought I'd take the time to answer some questions asked by a fan in the previous comments section.

Anonymous said:

Dear Shannon,
I was wondering if you would mind answering a couple questions. First, what is like to have so many hot women want to get with you? Is it always a honey-fest after the races, like they show us in rap videos? (y'know, bootys shakin' and cars bouncin') Your blog does a great job at showing the gritty side of being a national caliber bicycle racer, but I am interested in the party side of racing bicycles. I am planning on buying a Trek Madone and maybe giving this racing thing a try so I can get with the honeys too.

Shannon responds (in the third person):

Honey does often follow after Shannon races. Believe it or not, honey appears before races too. Shannon especially likes it on some bread with peanut butter and a banana sliced on top. But not too much before a race, otherwise it might come back to haunt you when the race gets hard. He recommends that you try it.

Shannon's car does do a lot of bouncing. He thinks there might be something wrong with the suspension, but he's not willing to put a lot of money into a 91 Honda civic.

Shannon wholeheartedly recommends buying a Trek Madone. But remember, if you do it, do it right and get at least a Madone 5.9 SL with a gold King headset. Shannon can order one for you if he doesn't have the right size in stock.

Seriously though, bike racing is hard, and I do like to cut loose and party a bit after a tough race. Especially in the summer after a hot crit, I really enjoy a burger and a glass of beer.

You might want to talk to Hincapie about your new bike's steerer tube...
Now that's a glass kids not a pint! or a 24oz can!
For the record, Ping Pong and Shammy have enough sense not to modify their SL with a Satellite commuter fork and go Braaap the cobbles. (Cycling News - G.H.'s Proto)
you biys better get ready for the hurricane of pain that is commin in 2 weeks at the WVC. I'll be there with bells on yo. We be illin!
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