Friday, March 03, 2006

the update to end all updates

That's a lot to live up to, but I think I can do it. Let's see...last time I updated, I was debating whether or not to do Cherry Pie. I didn't do it. Instead, we went on a long MTB ride out to Scappoose and back.

In the meantime, Ping Pong headed down to, and back from LA. He rode more in the two weeks that he was down there than I have all year so far. But I have a sweet stars and stripes jersey. How do you like that, Ping Pong? He was saying that he's never seen so many Benzes, Porsches, Lexuses, and other nice cars. While he was down there I guess there was an ongoing story about some dude with some million dollar plus lamborghini that crashed it while going an estimated 167 mph, crashed it into a telephone pole, and the car sheared in half. No kidding.

I didn't get a new cat this week. That's news, right? I'm still stuck at 4 (and one dog).

Ok, so race season is officially into full swing, with the Banananana belt series starting this weekend. I'll do this one for sure, unless it's really really crappy, but I think it'll just be kind of crappy. I'll be riding my Vanilla cross bike with dura-ace (you know, my backup cross bike. what's your backup cross bike?) because the new Trek Madone 5.9 SL's haven't shown up yet. I gotta get with it, I have to glue road tires onto my carbon wheels. Life is rough, I know.

Verdict on the 29er: I like it. It feels just a tad slower than a regular one, but I know it's not. How do I know? Because everybody tells me so. Anyway, it only feels slower when you're trying to accelerate, and I think there's an advantage pretty much everywhere else. Except it's a little heavier. Bottom line: come in, buy one, and if you don't like it, sell it for a substantial loss on craigslist. Plus it's like the new thing to do. 29ers are the new pink which is the new black.

Latest favorite show: Project Runway. Who watches this? It's on bravo. It's one of those reality TV shows, and it's based on people who want to be fashion designers. This show combines two of my favorite things: TV and me watching TV. I like it because as opposed to the other reality shows, it's judged based on actually producing something. So unlike the Apprentice or even American Idol, you're basically rewarded for working hard. That's kind of like pomegranates. I mean, it's kind of like bike racing.

I wonder how I would have done at the Tour of California? I think I would have done really well, because I heard the rider accomodations were really posh. I'm really good at relaxing and kicking my feet up, and I think I could do even better when it's in sunny California. I mean, I'm sure the racing would be hard and all, but I'm all about the recovery. Hotels, massages, maybe a soak in the hot tub, then the nightly buffet. I'd be all over that. Ping Pong saw the last stage, and said it was a pretty big deal. He even heckled Tom Danielson. Good work, Ping Pong.

I wonder what Tonkin's doing right now?

its about time you updated your site. I get so lonley here and it is almost like I have a real friend when i read your blog. but i was getting tired of you talking to ping pong everyday down in LA. its nice that you did somthing elese for a cahnge today. ride fat at the BB and remember to attack when everyone isnt looking.
If you want, I can start signing off "I wonder what Wicks is doing right now?"

What do you think? Maybe you and Tonkin can have a height-off for it?
i would totally win
Yeah, but Tonkin could counter with Cro-Magnon power and probably keep it pretty even
and then tonkin would ride around the world and do intervals so fast that it would start spinning the other way (like superman did in that movie) and time would go back to where his dad's sperm was about to get the egg, and he'd pick one with tall genes and then set the world spinning back the right way again and then win the height-off and take a nap in a roadside rest area somewhere in India and wake up and ride home through Siberia and Alaska, where he'd kill a couple grizzlies with his seatpost, but that would break the seatpost and so he'd have to ride the rest of the way standing up. y-y-y-y-y-yknow?
I think you should write the blog from now on.
dude, i like your calves. wanna come ride in the rain in the cruz with me? we can jump ditches and test out your new madole sl i am way cooler than you new road bike. Dura Ace pedals suck in the mud
Shannon, thanks fo the advice on the burritos. I bought some tortillas and beans and fixins and they were yummy. But now all the tortillas are gone :-(
oh well I guess that's the way the burrito bounces. or crumbles?
what happened to the Peace Out!?

nice sticktoitiveness

entertaining stuff man... entertaining
je t'aime Clark Kent!
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