Friday, March 10, 2006



Lebanon High School guest speaker: "Other parents expressed shock at the explicit nature of the materials, which also recommended swapping underwear, lap dances and watching movies topless, among other activities."

Reynolds High School guest speaker: "...students claim a speaker from the Multnomah County Health Department's STARS program asked young teen students to separate into groups based on whether they enjoyed giving or receiving oral sex...Some of the students were girls as young as 14 years old."

This is a Saturday Night Live sketch, right? Hey, kids! Who doesn't like oral sex? Nobody! That's right! What? You haven't had oral sex yet? Ha ha! What a rube!
THE bicycle blog (yes,I'm talking about posted a link to this site the other day. Congratulations Mr. Skerritt, you have arrived...
Mr. Skerritt? You you know you have make it, not when you are linked to but, when you are refered to as a Mr.

"Mr. Skerritt, may I be excused?"
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