Monday, March 27, 2006

Ping Pong's Post

Hi everybody. This is not Shannon, this is Ping Pong. Since nobody wrote in that they wanted to guest post on this site, and since Shannon is apparantly too busy to update his site, I thought I'd at least let everybody know what is going on. I'll do my best to recreate a shannon-like experience for you. ok, ready? here it goes:

Rode the other day up a really hard climb. Tonkin started really givin'er and then it was just him and me after we dropped everybody else. It was getting close to my half-hour ride limit so I went home and ate a burrito. After the burrito it was time for some kozy shack and I had a hard time controlling myself. I was only going to eat half the tub but I accidentally ate the whole tub. Woe is me.

How was that?

Check this site out:

In other news, Shannon neglected to share with everybody that his dog is no longer his dog. After months of unsuccessfully trying to breed the dog with his cats to create a dog-cat(-burrito) hybrid, Shannon eventually gave up and the dog has moved on to greener pastures (meaning a bigger house with a family to play with it). Next up, a cat-ferrett hybrid (or "carrett"). Eventually he's going to try a cat-cat hybrid, a fearsome animal with the head of a cat, and the body of a cat.

Oh, we also got our team bikes. They are sweet. Madone 5.9 SL with a gold Chris King headset. I think our bikes last year weren't quite nice enough, so we got the upgraded version.

This week is the big sale at work. It is going to be harder than trying to wrestle a burrito away from Shannon. I think I will just wear my bike shorts under my work clothes and count it all as chamois time. Anybody else out there going to do 50 hours this week?

say burrito again. do it.
Thank you, Ping Pong. If I had clicked on this site once more to be confronted with that damn rice pudding tub, I would have come down to the shop and rendered some pudding into someone's chamois.
Oh snap, the BG guys get all new rides. I think I am going to stay home this weekend. Sorry Dean, it is a lost cause I am not going to even bother showing up.
Don't worry, probably nobody will even show up.
it's funny how much ping-pong writes like shannon. I'm no expert, but I think someone should look into it...
pp you forgot the 'Peace Out'
that's shannon's line. not ping pongs.
but pp was trying to emulate shannon... and...

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