Monday, March 13, 2006

Euro trash

What self-respecting American bike racer isn't into the whole Euro thing? I'm talking stocking caps, shoe covers when it's 70 out, crappy roads, Euro-Disney; all those things make bike racers secretly love to emulate those across the pond even though we actually hate them because they love terror. But this morning I discovered an all new reason to celebrate the Euro thing:

The picture's a little unclear, but it reads "European Style Rice". I discovered this sweet, sweet goodness while shopping at Fred Meyer's this morning. It tastes just like regular kozy shack, but different. It's a little more vanilla, much like I am, descended from the scottish isles. It's a little darker, like those from the mediterranean. It's a little grittier, like the cobbled roads of Belgium. It's more real, like the streets of London.

Peace out.

man, we have been running the euro spec rice pudding for ages. you are so behind the times. but then again, i also wear shoe covers and leg warmers, even when it is 70 out, but i always wear my helmet, because i am not a dipshit.does that make me euro trash, or just rad?
Barry taught me that euro cozy shack trick way back in Mt. Snow 2002. First time I tried it, I hit the podium (the last step of course, but still a step). Seriously. Get with the times. That is SO old news, Shannon. Golly jeepers. Shucks. Gawl Dang.
what is the euro cozy shack trick?
and barry, yes, that makes you rad.
you just eat the shit. no tricks, duh! some people....
Are you firing the Spaniard for failing to bring you back to the bunch Sunday?
you should fire ping-pong for not making sure you had your morning coffee
I had to fire myself for not waking up on time on Sunday.
Shannon, update your stupid blog.
Maybe you could just let someone write your blog for you. That would be pretty funny.
Yeah, maybe somebody would like to guest post. Write something in the comments section about what you'd like to write about, and I'll choose the best idea for their own post. It's like American Idol, but for blogs. I'll be Paula Abdul.
will you make out with me?
Shannon, are you riding the 29er in the mud this weekend, at the Mudslinger?

I know all the cool kids ride singlespeeds, but whatever. Barry, if you decide to do that again this year, you should ride that old orange double top tube tank you killed us w/ a while back. Decker should be required to fill his seat tube w/ lead.
sorry, no loving form this kid up in the mud this weekend. I will miss you all, but learn from my mistakes and never ride a ss in that race, cause you will suffer like a fool! if shannon doesnt win you guys better poor beer on his head. better yet, do it either way. i dont think scarry has won an OBRA MTB race for at least 5 years...
oooh burn...
I have been too busy winning Kozy Shack eating contests to bother with bike races.
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