Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Blog report

This morning I started my day off pretty easy, checking my own blog to see if any more people had posted comments on the latest post. There was one new one, reminding me that I'd vowed to bring back the phrase "peace out". Yeah, sorry, I forgot.

From there I moved on to mollycameron.com's blog. It's been a little while since I've read hers, so there were a couple entries I had to read through. There was a lot of text, and I felt a little bogged down about halfway through, but she includes some nice pictures and they gave me a nice pick-me-up that got me through.

From there I was getting a little tired from all the reading, so I headed over to cyclingnews to check out some pictures. The Tour of Cali pics are nice to look at, and then I checked out some stuff from the handmade bikes show. There's some cool stuff there, and a couple local builders, including the man who puts the "ill" in "van-ill-a".

After the short break I was rested up, and I went over to toddwells.net to check out his site. There wasn't anything new, but I skimmed through his last post again. Just reading about his training makes me tired. No wonder he's so fast.

And after all this, the end of my blogging was sort of anti-climactic. I checked out eriktonkin.bikeportland.org, but he hasn't posted anything new since he first started growing body hair at age 9.

I wonder if wicks or trebon is taller?

Peace out.

this is the worst blog update ever written. no humor insight or interesting tid bits about your cats. WTF?
quit yer whining
does wicks ever ride or is he one of those guys who stares at a computer all day making e-friends? i bet he's on Myspace and he has a ton of friends...
i have like 9000 friends on myspace so you better watch it or i will call them all up to come over to your house and beat you up cause thats how I roll
i'm pretty sure he rides his bike and then sits all day. maybe lets out a fart or two or three, but beyond that not much movement from what i've seen. oh and the main reason he loves the internet is so he can find more pictures of himself.
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