Saturday, February 18, 2006


Talked to Ping Pong, I guess it's raining down in LA. Ha, poor schmuck. Oh well, at least it's warm there, unlike here. He said he's staying in Manhattan Beach, a block off the water, and he gets to ride an hour of bike path either north or south to get to any good riding. Sometimes he even has to get off his bike and walk it, not because the hills are too steep for him (like he has to do here), but because he'll get a ticket otherwise. Sounds like a good time.

Tomorrow is the first race. I think I'll do it, if it's not too cold. The plan (like every year) is to attack at the very beginning and see how long I can last in the breakaway. That's always a good way to start the race season, a 60 mile breakaway.

I guess it's now the season for race pre-reports and post-reports. I'll try to make them as un-boring and dis-uninteresting as possible. But I can't promise anything. Most of the time I find that race reports are possibly the worst thing you can find on the internet, and there's some pretty stupid stuff out there. Kind of like this blog.

Ok, I apologized to my mechanic for the comments about the bike not being built well. I did smell his biscuits.

Oh, and Nasty, my bike might be ugly, but at least it's not some genetic malformation like yours and trebone's.

I wonder what Tonkin's doing right now?

Peace out.

Good luck at your race.

Also, is it me, or does Barry look Scary?
thats just my seductive stare as i check out shannons ass while he takes off his pants in front of me
oversharing... eck
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