Sunday, February 05, 2006

Super Bowl

So I guess today is the super bowl. I think it's even going on right now. But seriously, does anybody even care about basketball? I had my own super bowl today...or as Ping Pong would say, a super-duper bowl (say it with a lisp). It was a huge bowl of granola this morning with soy milk. That's good stuff.

So yeah, nice weather today, huh? Did the Peet's coffee master's ride. Turned back about half-way through so as not to break my three hour ride limit. Heard the other guys did about 4.5 hrs. That's too long.

Got my vanilla built back up after riding the old waterford for awhile. It's like night and day. The waterford is cool, sure, but the vanilla is so light and stiff and comfortable. Almost like a carbon trek. Gratuitous sponsor plug: buy a Vanilla (as if you didn't already know you wanted one). Sacha has assured me that even though the waiting list is long, it's NOT because he's on vacation. Seriously.

What else...oh yeah, I guess the hot new thing with all those bikers that did the big race last weekend in Europe is their new love of waffles. It's sort of like me and burritos, except different, because I already was all over the Belgium waffle thing. I guess in Belgium they just call them waffles. I wonder if they have American burritos in Belgium. Probably. I'm guessing the traditional Mexican burrito there is normal sized, and American burritos are the Shannon-sized ones that I eat. Anyways, try some waffles, they're good. I'm not talking Eggo waffles. Get the good stuff. You can even buy your own waffle maker for cheap. Here's a hint: the more butter in the batter, the fluffier they are on the inside and the crispier they are on the outside. Butter in the batter.

If anybody actually likes it when I talk about Walmart and economic issues, here's another cyclist blog to check out: He's a pro, and asks some good questions. I like this one (I'll paraphrase): if we subscribe to the theory of the free market, laissez-faire economics, etc., do we need to legislate morality (prostitution, gun control, abortion, etc). Or is all that stuff self correcting, or does it just fall into a natural, neutral state? I'll start off with my opinion, but I'll answer the question cryptically. I could buy everything I get from my partner (companionship, a person to talk to, sex) and yet I got married anyway.

I almost made a burrito with leftover raviolies today. Because I wanted to eat raviolies while driving somewhere. But decided against it. Maybe you could put waffles in the burrito. Or Kozy-shack waffle burritos. I'm drooling on the keyboard.
Is raviolies a word? Kozy-shack is a word, or maybe two. My two favorite words in the world.
maybe kozy-shack could be a sponsor of too vanilla for you? think of it... all the rice pudding your little heart desires.
try ravioli inside a tortilla made of waffle... like heaven in your face. diversity in action.
Seriously, you know what would be good? A dessert or breakfast ravioli with waffle batter on the outside and kozy-shack on the inside. That's what I'm talking about.

Once during college I skipped all my classes for two days to make these peanut butter stuffed soft pretzels with chocolate drizzled on top.
Nothing to do with dessert, but...

I didn't want to gunk-up Bryan's mind-bending econ comment thread, but by the way, I *LOVE* Vanilla's. I also love my Waterford, so say "hi from the homeland" to your Wisconsin-made beauty!

Oh, I'm just going to fall asleep tonight counting Vanillas bunny-hopping barriers... mmmm... I'm in the market for a new single speed...
I'm in the market for a burrito. Shannon, do you buy or make yours? where can you suggest I guy one? I tried the place up the street, but it gave me the runs bad. Then I felt sick for a week afterwards.
What the hell are you doing awake at 4 in the morning? Oh, maybe the burrito runs? I recommend the old standby's...Cha Cha Cha and Ole Ole. I've been eating a lot of Amy's burritos lately also. Oh, then there's Chipotle, those are good also. There's a really good tofu burrito at the Goodfoot, but I'm not so into the smokiness. Even the Jose Ole frozen burritos are good. Pretty much anything wrapped up in a tortilla I'll eat.
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