Friday, February 10, 2006

It's so windy

It's so windy that I'm pretty sure my leg warmers were flapping in the wind this morning when I rode to work. I talked to Ping Pong, and he rode in the West Hills this morning. He said he's never going to ride when it's this windy again. That means he won't ride indoors, won't ride when it's too windy, won't ride when it's too rainy, too hot, too cold, too sunny, or too nice out. That means he's down to 65 degrees and partly cloudy. But seriously, I guess it was super sketchy out there. He said it was super gusty, making it hard to control his bike, and there were downed branches everywhere, and he even saw two downed power lines. Yowza.

You won't believe this...I got a bad tub of Kozy shack last night. It was kinda dry, like the rice hadn't been cooked long enough or something. I still ate half the tub, though. I mean, you have to. Bad Kozy shack is still better than eating a salad or something.

Other than that, nothing new. I've just been trying to get out as much as possible, it's incredibly nice here now. Sunny and 50's every day, and it looks like it'll stay this way for another 5 days or so. It's reminiscent of last year when we had 70s and sunny all February. That was insane.

I'm going to try to start saying "peace out" all the time.

Peace out.

ping pong sounds like a track racer
Yes, Ping Pong is like a track racer, except he climbs slower than them.
I did the cherry pie loop today. I'm a cat 2, but got dropped by a cat 4. Hmm. Maybe 2 months off after cross isn't the best idea.

Peace out.
Hey, it's not your fault. Cat 4s (except the slow ones) always train too hard during winter. At one of the Banana Belts last year I overheard a couple of them talking, they were like "I'm really sore from that 6-hr ride we did Wednesday." Then the other one said "Yeah, and I went out and did 5 hrs the next day". I'm thinking to myself, "I rode 6 hrs this whole week".

Anyways, don't blame yourself. Blame them.
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