Monday, February 13, 2006

Back to my roots

So for those of you that didn't know, mountain biking was my first foray into cycling. I'm excited to announce that I'm getting back to my roots with the purchase of a brand new Fisher Paragon 29er MTB. Last year I didn't own a mountain bike, and only did one MTB race (not counting the short tracks). The year before that I did own a MTB and only did one race. So now that I own a MTB again look out for me at the one race. I'm out for blood.

Is it still cool to call mountain bikes "MTB"s? Or should I call it a "two-nine-er"? Off-roader? Burrito earner?

Took it out for its maiden voyage this Sunday to those trails out in Scappoose. It was pretty fun, except my pro mechanic must have been sleeping when he built the bike. Luckily the training program that I've given him in exchange for his work doesn't actually help, so I think we're even.

In other news, don't do drugs.

I wonder what Tonkin's doing now?

Peace out.

Well, what's the verdict on the big wheels? Better? Worse? Just different?
All in all, I really like the bike. The main thing I was concerned with was that the bike still felt fast and didn't feel like a tank. It still feels flickable through the techy stuff. But I've only got like 1.5 hrs on it so far.
Keep on keepin' on with the impressions...for those of us waffling between 6 and 9...
Waffles? mmmm...
your bike is ugly
it's not ugly.

it's cute.
you are ugly
i mean you moms ugly
what's with the shit talking about the mechanic? I didn't invent lightweight wavy rotors that make your brakes feel like crap. Are you smelling my biscuts?
biscuits are good. with meat gravy.
"I wonder what Gully's doing right now"
You should ask todd wells, not me.
why no Vanilla 29er?
C'mon... You don't just yell - "waiter bring me the lobster!", first you order crabcakes to see if you like seafood. Do you follow?
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