Wednesday, January 11, 2006

What's up...

with it raining for about the last 2 and a half months? Is it ever going to stop? Seriously. I rode in to work yesterday, got soaked. Rode home from work in still wet clothes. Then rode in again today, clothes still not dry. Another day in paradise. And now it looks like it's not raining. Sweet.

5 signs that the world's coming to an end:

1. Ping Pong's heading down to LA for the month of February to "train".
2. Tonkin's considering blogging on his shop's website.
3. Slaven's racing gears next year.
4. I was featured on (with a bike).
5. God told me so.

Oh, and rumor has it that the folks at River City are organizing a single speed cyclocross world championships here in Portland next fall.

You heard it here first.

"singlespeeders are a bunch of jokers..."
skerrit, i miss staring on to your eyes and feeling you close to me...
i think you looked hot on cyclingnews.
I think you looked hot in Velonews.
shannon was that you that passed me on Willamette, then on Greely and then again on Interstate. My heart almost blew up trying to stick after you would pass. and I also got grit in my mouth from your wheel spray. whats with those longcuts that allowed me to get ahead of you. Yes my clothes did not fully dry either. i was on my fuji track set up ss.
regards twotiretinker.
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