Saturday, January 21, 2006

Riding in this weather is like getting teeth pulled

Sorry, I've been bad about updating for all my fans out there. I've been busy. You know, root canals, getting teeth pulled, stuff like that. I have been able to indulge in my favorite foods, though, Kozy shack rice pudding and cottage cheese. But apparently that's the way to get fast. Even Todd Wells (my fellow national champ) is getting his teeth pulled.

But seriously, I hate the dentist. I think it stems from when I was young and they pulled 9 teeth out at once. While I was awake. I hate the dentist like Ping Pong hates fat free mayonaise. "It's not real mayo!", he always complains.

Had coffee with Sacha and the Hopper this morning at Stumptown. Saw a sight rarely seen here in P-town: Slaven's bike had gears on it. Not since long before he moved to the Northwest has Slaven ridden with gears. He seemed to be slower on it when we rode. Funny. But his bike with DA 10 speed on it didn't really seem to be any heavier than when he only had one gear.

Check out the 10 day forecast. Not looking too bad. Looks like we should be getting a couple days off of the rain, just in time for my weekend. I might have to break my 3-hour ride limit rule (as in no more than 3 hours). But probably not.

Ping Pong bought his plane tickets to LA. I bought my plane tickets to Italy. Tonkin bought his plane tickets back to Euro-land a while ago. He left this past Wednesday. He said something about doing some big bike race over there. I think he's actually going to Euro Disney.

That's too bad about Trebon not being able to race. But there are things more important than bike racing. Like burritos. And lunch. Today for lunch I had an Amy's burrito, courtesy of my friend Fred Meyer.

First road race is 4 weeks from tomorrow!

I wonder what the Wookie's doing now?

Ass. Man.,
Check out this picture of yourself.

Pretty cool, eh. The bill hanging out of your shorts is one of the best parts. I'd warn against looking at the other pictures, unless you like cracks and backs.
Although there is a funny picture of Wicks at the bottom, and Tonkin on the next page.
Remember, tits + tires = trouble
Add in alcohol, and you got a rip-roarin' good time!
Love those pics, even the cracks and backs!
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