Saturday, January 28, 2006

It's been too long...

Since my last entry. But there's so much to talk about. Let's see...cross worlds going on right now. Supposedly it's a super-fast course, which doesn't bode to well for Tonkin, but he's good at tonking, so hopefully he can pull off a good result. Belgians have been shut out so far, that's a shocker. And not the good kind either.

The Hopper and Ping Pong decided it would be a good idea to pull a 14 hour drinking stint, so they took off work yesterday and made up a new holiday, el Dia de Debauchery. They were joined by Deaner, Ping Pong's tall friend Mike, and various other people along the way for a 10 am to midnight drink-athlon. Sounds like good training. I joined them for breakfast at Gravy, where they were already into a couple stiff ones. They even put the hurt on the infamous Brian Wilson, who had to bow out early when the going was getting rough. I guess they wrapped up the night at Union Jack's where they made a couple new friends. Sounds like a good time. Suprisingly, both Deaner and Ping Pong made it into work today, not too much worse for the wear.

Sounds like the Single Speed World Cyclocross Championships (SSWCC? Or SSWCCC?) are going to happen here next fall. Mark your calendars for whenever they figure out it's going to be. But it sounds pretty cool, I think the prize is supposed to be having Ryan Weaver as your butler for a year. Seriously. A couple key members of the Portland bike mafia are really into it, so watch for it to take off. I promised Slaven I'd give it a plug here on the site to get everybody excited about it, so here it is. I think I might even make a cameo appearance also.

Guess how many cats I have? I'll give you a clue--four. Guess how many litter boxes I have? Each cat has their own, plus one for my dog just in case he finally learns how to use it, so that makes five. I'm like the crazy cat lady on the Simpsons. But with more cats.

The weather's crappy again. There were a couple good days last week. I even (accidentally) broke my three hour ride limit. I blame Corey. But it's back to the rain for now.

Oh yeah, for breakfast at Gravy yesterday I had this oatmeal brulee, which was oatmeal with caramelized sugar on top. It was really good.

Let's see the video of Wilson posted on the site!
I'm trying. I'm not very good with technology. Beeps scare me.
What are you going to do without Ping Pong for a whole month???!!!
Will life and rides cease to exist as we know it? Will you be crumbled up in the fetal position in a corner in your house with all of your cats climbing all over you and your dog trying to lick you back into some sort of human? Will the blog go to waste?

I'm very concerned...
Hopefuly ping pong can get the video up before he goes
Four cats? That's all you have??? Lightweight. I could give you a six, or seven, or ten - and you'll have a *start* at being the crazy cat lady, but you'd still have a LOOOONNNG way to go to beat me. :)

I'm sure they appreciate their home, though. :)
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