Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Funny story

So there I was, givin'er...wait, that's not right. So there I was, making chocolate chip cookies last night. I got all the ingredients together, and you know what the one thing I was missing was? That's right, vanilla. How Alanis-Morrisette-ironic is that? So I figured, hey, I'm vanilla, so I dipped my finger in the batter and mixed it around for awhile, and the cookies turned out great.

But seriously. I used Kalhua. A lot.

dear mr kahlua chocolate chip time when outta V, jus' leap in the mixin' bowl n' twizzle step!!

my new yrs: survived a 3.5hr X-country century loop at teacup; laid low; & at midnite, loaded my shotgun--aimed it up [at my neighbors]. on new yrs day: rode with 30 others, assaulting neighbors again.

ever try ridin' with 3 liters in your bladder? i tried.

ps: i blogged in previous blog report--plz review it.
Hay Shannon, when are the t-shirts going to be ready?

good post. the cookies needed vanilla.
Extra salt makes choc chip cookies taste more better.
Hallelulah for Kahlua!
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