Saturday, January 14, 2006


The rain has stopped, or at least slowed down for the next day and a half. That'll be nice, riding without getting drenched.

Tonkin's going to world's. Sweet. That whole house is, him, Rhonda, and they're adopted teenager Adam McGrath. Fastest house ever. Tomorrow I'm going to do a cross practice with Tonkin at Reed college. Keep him sharp for world's, ya know? Come cheer us on, it'll be just like a cross crusade race, except with only two people and no beer hecklers. Or, take bets on who's going to win.

Today for lunch I'm having a burrito. Ping Pong's having a tuna sandwich. Slaven's having an epic mtb ride.


p.s. this was the 50th post for too vanilla. a new milestone was reached, thus eliminating the need for proper grammer and punctuation.

nor apparently do you even need to spell "grammar" correctly anymore.

Have you build an ark yet? Portland's weather blues is making news around the world. Stumptown java has been brewing at the house in the morning. It raises my heart rate higher than riding my I just drink coffee now instead of riding. Hope you pushed the Caveman hard because the Euros will.
Dave from Boston
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