Tuesday, January 03, 2006


Sorry about the lack of updates. I've been taking my annual holiday break from blogging, where I try to cut down on the amount of blogging so I can stay fresh for the spring and summer blog season. Still, it's a big part of my life, so I couldn't help but blog a little bit today. I still check out the other blogs out every day online, though. That way I can keep in touch with what's going on, and it motivates me to get my blog going. I just don't want to get burnt out, know what I mean?

Everybody have a good new years? I spent mine with the wife and a couple friends. I was supposed to meet Ping Pong and the Hopper for a ride at the stroke of high noon new years day, but for the first time in my life, I was late for a ride. I think it's a good thing that I didn't ride with them, because apparently everybody bonked and one guy got hit by a car. And the only rode about 2 hours.

Up next: some base blogging, then I get into some heavier blogging, and race report blogging is only a few short weeks away.

More food reports. Give me some ideas. I can't eat nothing being vegan.
time to blog!! mr s/s, do you review past blogs....some of the "best juice" lies in your archives!

if i won the dare-me-date with cliffy [bar] himself, does this mean that him & i must delete our sexy profiles from match.com? [btw, i call them: stiffy bars].

when is he free? is he free or on parole? does he blog?

natural[hippy]wheat-free,real juice fig bars are "barbara" brand, found at fred's--i spoke of them, in da archives. 3.60/pk. you bragged @ 'paul newman' fig bars.

fresh outta-da-bin figs do it for me!!
I eat nothing but "barbara" fig bars. they are way better than newman's.
hey, did ping pong get hit by a car? because he owes me $22... I mean, he's the best man in my upcoming wedding and he needs to be healthy for that.
Hey, you remember me riding by you on Burnside? I was the dorky looking guy with the big yellow helmet, pulling a trailer that looked at you with a big grin and said, "Hey Shannon!".

anyways...hope your blogging season goes well...
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