Friday, December 09, 2005

You heard it here first (for the second time)

Shannon takes it!
Brings home the stars and bars!
Does his blog proud!
File that one!

(updating from the eastern coast)
SEE?! What'd I tell you about the stumptown shower?

Yeah? Yeah?

Way to go Shannannan. bringin home the bacon.
Is this true????

I am SO pleased, I'm going to run down to my local walmart and buy a brand new vanilla.

Seriously, good job!!!!
awesome Shannon. huge congrats...and thanks to ping pong for keeping us posted.

check my site for some shannon love.
"a no-frigid, no fear, frosty snow man, monster booYAH" for our guy....regardless of frost bite, nor frozen, log-limbs--snow men ride n' ride to win!!! way2go,SS!!

ps: racer feldman, thanks for standin' tall, until the corner, assisting our man, improving his time!
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