Saturday, December 24, 2005

Where's Waldo?

Can everybody spot the three times a Vanilla kit shows up in the new issue of Velonews? There's one of Molly, two of me. First person to identify them all gets a free Vanilla (sandwich, between me and Molly, but only if Molly agrees to it).

So I think the winner of the date with Cliff has to be Sommer11, mostly because it seems like she's the only one cares. So let us know when you want to go out, and we'll make it happen.

Merry Christmas to everyone.

Somer, we want a victory speech!
here goes: a date from schrader mets pattiPresta....are chaperones needed? [best yet, what happens on the date, stays on the date!]

--who'r ya gonna send?

can we bring our bikes, as wholesome, balanced training & quickie warm-up?

integrity: i'm not using cliff simply for

pls affirm for me, does he own a valid drivers' license, & does he shower? [what's in his shower?]

when out with this man, should i alert a best friend of my whereabouts? shall i carry my Kaiser card & trusty stun-gun?

i'm dang excited, wonderin' if i can sleep tonight! pattiP
i got it--
1. Molly in the big pic from nats near the front of the issue.

2. You in the background of one of the small pics in the Crank Bros USGP ad.

3. You in the background chasing horner in the pic with his column.

so Ill be looking forward to that delicious creamy (but in a vegan kind of way) hot vanilla sandwich. please post details as to how I can claim the prize that i have so rightfully earned.
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