Friday, December 09, 2005

Tonkin update

race cancelled because of the weather. Tents are all blowing away. hypothermic conditions. hypodermic needles found on course. full on blizzard.

ping pong, slow down, talk clearly.
Tonkin will race anyway. If they don't let him race, he'll probably just do a ride on the course through the driving snow.
As hard as possible.
With square wheels.
For 8 hours.
Uphill both ways.
But who will win?
Race predictions for the cancelled race:

1st place: Tonkin will win for the above reasons.

2nd through last place: Everyone else will sit in thier cars and shiver or hang out in the lobby of thier hotels talking about "this one epic ride I did this summer with this one dude" while eric rides around by himself.

Therefore, an 80-way tie for last.
Even if they did ride, it would still be the an 80th place tie for last. Who cares who doesn't win.
That's gotta suck for those (Tonkin, collegiate) that wanted to race both categories, but now they're both on saturday w/ the elite race?!? I wonder how that'll work.

What would be cool is if they had lights set up for the cancelled races, a la night skiing, or "nacht van natchamps"

Do they hire a zamboni driver to groom the course during these conditions?
huh,huh, yeah. zamboni is always a great punch line.
you know what else is a great punch line? YOUR MOM!! OOOOHH!!
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