Friday, December 09, 2005

Shannon Update

We heard from Shannon, here's what he had to say...
Conditions went from freezing rain to snow to sleet during the race, super slick. Richard Feldman and Shannon duked it out off the line, Feldman went into the first corner way too hot and ate it. Shannon gets a gap with another guy, drops him, and rides away by himself. He said he was bonking the last couple laps, and was so cold that he thought he might not be able to get his legs back around for the next pedal stroke. 30 minutes later he's still in his car trying to warm up.

Tonkin's also racing the old man's race now, we'll let you know how he does.

Ping Pong

shannon writes, smc....send more coal!!!! he also wants a green n' red, knit, riding nose-sock. santa will bring him long-hair, fleece-lined bike shorts--with a 'made by tonkin label.' size: e/h, extra hairy.
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