Friday, December 02, 2005

Ping Pong's Post

Latest Shannon update: no updates yet.

It was requested that I share with everybody what I did over Thanksgiving. In my country, we have nothing to give thanks for, but since I live in E-merica I decided to partake in the annual celebration of the day that Pilgrims learned to live with the Indians.

So my housemates and I had 25 people over (including ourselves). It would have been 26, but there was one no-show. There were two other cyclists there, as well as two cyclists' wives, plus my lady friend and some of her friends, plus an assortment of friends, friends of friends, and I think one guy who walked in off the street because he didn't seem to know anybody.

It was a potluck, and I made two pumpkin pies to go with the three other pumpkin pies that were there. I actually didn't eat too much (I need to lose 3 pounds), but I did wake up at 4 am that night to finish off the rest of the pie.

I need a 52-54 cm road frameset cheap for the winter. Anybody got anything? I can pay you in egg rolls (or money, if the price is right).

Who's going to the cross crusade party tomorrow night? Or if you're reading this afterwards, did everybody have fun at the cross crusade party?

I heard something about free beer and a little public humiliation, so the cross crusade party sounds groovy to me.

Here's how it will go:

I will arrive fashionably late but reasonably on time with an attractive lady at my side. I'll check out the crowd, see who is drinking the most, and probably hang out with them. I'll have prepared for the party with a few libations beforehand (no, i didn't drive), so I'll be feeling very social that evening. I'll then spend the rest of the evening enjoying the free beverages and heckling people who recieve awards (because I'm a singlespeeder so that's the only reason I even come to cross races).
to quote your dear Shannon,

your "a bunch of jokers."
Where's Shannon!?! Ping Pong is so not vanilla! We Want Shannon! (I hope he's at the awards party)
we're not a bunch of jokers! we're very serious about being obnoxious and loud!! That's why I'm yelling right now, and using so many exclamation points!!! See how serious I am?!?!!
I think Shannon's busy cleaning his bikes between races on east coast vs. crusade partay.
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