Sunday, December 04, 2005

Ping Pong's Poll

So here it is:

Matthew Slaven has agreed to stick with whatever the adoring public wants him to do. If you want him to race geared, let us know. If you want to see him sticking with one gear, tell us. If you want him not to race so you can win, too bad.

Post in the comments section!

p.s. there were no mini hot dogs, but there were plenty of meat balls

I think Ping Pong should race gears. Slaven should race gears too.
p.s. What happened to the satire? (as in where'd it go?)
Satire's too hard to do over and over. I can't make fun of everything (or can I?) I promise something funny next time.
ping pong. You are welcome to my 52 cm S-Works for the winter. No parts, but f,f,& hs are yours. Unfortunatly there is that big dent in top tube, but you can live with that, right? Oh, I saw Matt Kelly fall over this weekend, but he was still pretty fast, although not as fast as a 45 year old steve tilford. wtf.

oh, and boy was I wrong about the guy with the fixed gear. He does exist and he really "knows what he's doing" He finished 5th in a small field. name: Tony Wilhelm.
Sure, throw some gears on... the A's could use some more "mid-pack fodder".... heh heh.
Yeah, Tony is a good friend of Matthew Slaven's. He was just out here visiting a couple weeks ago, putting in 2-a-days in the rainiest, crappiest weather ever. What do you think Slaven should race? Maybe we should make him go to fixed gear.
Fixed gear beach cruiser (no brakes).

He's already dominated the single speed coaster "conventional" bikes, and his newfound lumberjack-ness is too advanced for the geared crowd, so hoopty bikes are the only way.


If Slaven goes gears, he'll be riding with the Kona Konsortium, so he'll be rubbing shoulders with Tonkin all the time. What if Slaven's man-beard and Tonkin's leg-pelt spawned caused a major shift in the cross attendance, real lumberjacks started racing and just started destroying everyone cause they can eat chicken fried chicken plus a gallon of Taster's Choice coffee for breakfast and giver all day? Maybe shannon would stop shaving and go out to work in the forest? What if Brad Ross couldn't highlight his hair because he was too busy log rolling?
Seriously guys... what if?
I already tried to get my dad to try cyclocross. He'd rather spend his time w/ chainsaw chains than bike chains, but I do get him out on the ol' RB-2 Bridgestone occasionally for a good spin. He's the logger-type and drinks taster's choice. Never heard of that stereotype, but it fit's my dad perfectly. Good one! :)

Enough of this Slaven guy... Jees. I hear he doesn't even know HOW to ride a geared bike. Too complicated?!?! I had to "dumb" my bike down at Alpenrose/Stumptown just so I could race him! Flat tire... (scoff) what a convenient excuse! :)

My question is: How many portland riders will break into the top 10 on Saturday??? Will Shannon be top 8?

Good luck!

game on.

( emailed me and said that if i made any more wise comments on her site that she was going to "punch my lights out")
chris, maybe i should punch dean's lights out for making such a comment about lumberjacks...
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