Saturday, December 03, 2005

Ping Pong again

Latest Shannon update: heard from Shannon today. 11th place in cold (34-35 fahrenheit) and windy conditions against a pretty stacked field. He felt a little rusty. Tomorrow's forecast is for 1-3" of snow. Ouch. Another Gloucester?

On to the important stuff...apparently the blog is reaching out to distant places such as the far east (coast). Shannon's fielded multiple questions about his post on East coast coffee. Hey, it's good, but once you've had Stumptown, you'll never go back. He even offered to refund your money if you come to Portland, try Stumptown, and don't like it.

On another note, I (Ping Pong) am going to be attending a holiday party tonight at my friend Joe's girlfriend's house. I'm going because I was promised cocktail sized meatballs, mini quiche, and tiny hot dogs. Mmmmm, hot dogs. Cross Crusade party be damned.

(Stumptown rules)

this blog is getting too international for you
speaking of mouse turds......did Shannon truly ingest one? any photos as proof? pls post. Thai folks enjoy tiny, red 'mouse turds' called peppers. one yr, in front of 6 others at xmas, I popped 1 in my mouth. holy sh*t, it sailed out quickly. morale of story, beware of red Thai turds....walk around them. hey ping, did ya enjoy the party meatballs? anything stuffed inside? like [S/S & maybe U],i eat all foods, keep ridin', & keep b/fat off. what's your b/f%? as madonna says, "strike a pose." ps: sat.,at mtnCycle, i was hit in the arm by flying lube.....ya missed out. i od'd on chips & beer--swag cold-cuts flug at us too!
stumptown rules?

no i heard brandt-sorenson III rules!

That guys about the toughest amateur ever. If this Justin England character can rise to the top of the prep club in one year, lets give some props to brandt-sorenson III. We know he's got the genetics, just look at his bro.

He still drive that 1979 baby blue T-bird?
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