Wednesday, December 21, 2005

News Wrap-up

Some interesting tidbits of news today...

Pennsylvania court bars teaching of intelligent design.

Saddam Hussein claims he was tortured and beaten by US forces.

Shooting at Walmart in New Mexico injures 6 year old girl.

I had soup and rice pudding for lunch.

Trebon reports that Tonkin trimmed up his beard.

Oh yeah, and I forgot to thank Mark Peterson from Kona for pitting for me at nationals.

Massage later.

return comments...

did everyone go void on you? or "that combo" of max & pdx, or local mall-2B-mauled?

i'm here. i had broccoli/potaTO/ stroganoff/18 snicker-doos. screw the daily fruits. tea n' cookies do it 4 me, on wetDays!

does your masseuse have warm hands on such a cool day? was this person recommended?

i like combo, acupuncture n' massage [like green+chili burrHito].

we bloggedAlot, while you were away--when will U chose date 4 cliff? i entered on a dare.

tonight's ciderRide from BG may B a noGo.

we prefer santa [Tonkin] w/long beards ringin' our kettles.

outside now, unpluggin' my overFlowed gutter w/pitchFork wearin' my highWater pants...
I think we've found our winner of the win a date with cliff schrader contest!!!
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