Thursday, December 15, 2005

Life Update

Hey, I'm back. If you guys didn't know, I was out on the East Coast doing a big bike race. I just wanted to check in and let everybody know what I've been up to.

First off, a big shout out and thank you to Dave, Althea, and Colt, my three great hosts in RI. You guys were awesome, and I'll try to get some Stumptown out to you guys so you can start spreading the gospel out there.

Also, thanks to Ping Pong for keeping the blog updated (although some of the drivel he wrote was kind of worthless).

So here are some interesting things that have come up over the past couple weeks:

1. I've got a cameo in the new cross DVD called "Transition". It's me givin'er past the main character, Myerson, at national's last year. Check it out, it's a cool video.
2. When I was at the jersey presentation, somebody shouted out "Where's Ping Pong?" He's getting famous.
3. Cyclingnews wants to do a feature on my bike.
4. Surprisingly, I missed my dog. Oh, and my wife too.
5. Slaven's belt is cooler than my jersey. Maybe I should do single speed next year.
6. Richard Sachs and Ryan Trebon both commented on my blog.
7. After the race on Friday, I was so f-ed up that I couldn't function. Thanks to Dale from Kona for getting me in my car and warmed up. I almost lost it, but I didn't want to break my 8 year streak of not vomiting.
8. Ten interesting things are too hard to come up with.
9. More later.
10. Everything's better in list form.

Where's Ping Pong?
Can we all think off a new word for "givin'er" ?

Here are a dozen to choose from:

1.) Skerritin'
2.) Mush!
3.) onnitt
4.) stompin'
5.) go team
6.) bakin' cookies
7.) tonking
8.) at the office
9.) bang on
10.) exerting myself
11.) making heat
12.) turning tread
Wow, that would be cool to see a vanilla go big like that on Great news SS.

I hear cyclingnews wants to do a feature on my bike too. Oh wait, they already did. Oh wait, it wasn't "mine" per-se, but I have the same one. I feel special because of that, so be prepared to feel more special yourself.

I heard also that they wanted to do a feature on Nick B-S III's bike, but he doesn't have a race bike yet. Maybe things have changed though on that front. Anyone know?

Come on, everyone knows there is no other word for givin'er (although I like "tonking"... it's not the same though).
I like "tonking" too. Verbing words is fun, but verbing names is even funner.

Still, "there I was, tonking" just doesn't have the same ring as "there I was, givin'er".
my brain was screaming Mush! Mush! as I was Skerritin' with a few to go. It was another day at the office, bang on bakin' cookies.

I heard with the new fame of Vanilla Wal-Mart has approached Sasha with a bilzillion dollar deal to start manufacturing a Stars and Stripes Vanilla for all their stores. 'bout "take'r!"

good one, hu? you can use it.
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