Saturday, December 10, 2005

Interview with the sponsor (part one)

Too Vanilla For You: So what bike are you going to build for Matthew?
Sacha White: Can I get a beer?

TVFY: Please answer the question.
SW: For Matt? Cardinal?

TVFY: No, Slaven.
SW: Umm...If I had my choice, a single speed commuter with built in lights, super streamlined. But we're thinking a single speed road bike.

TVFY: Is this your first national championship with Shannon?
SW: My first championship? My first Win? Yes.

TVFY: Are you more vanilla or shannon? Or molly?
SW: I'm definitely more vanilla. Like twice as much vanilla. I've actually got the tatoos.

Tvfy: That's a bold statement. What's your favorite burrito?
SW: Southwest green chili. Broccoli no pico.

TVFY: From Laughing Planet?
SW: Yeah.

TVFY: Do you love or hate Walmart?
SW: Jeez. Wow man. Um, I haven't gone to Walmart for 18 years and I don't think I'd go to walmart.

TVFY: But you bought a computer from Sears.
SW: Yeah, it seems different somehow. I don't know how we ended up at Sears for a computer, and we probably wouldn't end up there again.

TVFY: What's your favorite thing about Shannon? And remember, speak slowly.
SW: Definitely his ripped calves. He talks to me and that makes me feel special. Right? That's pretty special, dont' you think?

TVFY: Do you like SW green chili burritos more? Or Shannon's calves?
SW: Green chili burritos or shannon's calves more?

TVFY: Answer the question.
SW: Well, I think that the way that I like green chili burritos is different than the way I like Shannon's calves. So I don't like one more, they're just different.

TVFY: That sounds like a cop out to me.
SW: If I really had to choose one or the other, I'd go for the calves. Wrapped in a flour tortilla.

TVFY: Thanks for your time.
SW: Well, thanks for honoring me with the invitation

Thanks to Sacha for giving us his time for the interview. Stay tuned for part two of the interview with the man behind the bikes behind the man.

TVFY: Is this your first national championship with Shannon?
SW: My first championship? My first Win? Yes.

the first of many.
way-to-go/attaboy/mazel tov!
so, i want to know....does the bike make the man, or does the man make the bike?
or does the man who makes the bike make the man?
ummmm.....tortilla leg burritos, hold the pico! ah, give the guy a beer n' double-green burrito, returning him to his manly-guy uber-ala-natural-ness. he worked hard. he deserves it! is calf burritos on the wannaBe-vegan list? reminds me of our "starvation trail & train wreck, or donner pass, or survive"....where your buddy [smack!] tasted good. man, i'm gettin' hungry......for sizzlean strips. i smell bacon!
I smell PCP!
Redheads, the freckled and the fair skin have a mutated MC1R gene. When people experience pain, the brain releases chemicals like morphine. The mutated MC1R gene allows these natural opiates to work more effectively, which means redheads can withstand 25% more pain.

A Trust fund can't buy you that, now can it??

Boo-yaaa bitches!

(From the NY times magazine Dec 11)
We'd respond, but we already did to the SAME. DAMN. POST. on

Ranger Rick and G-Runny
So he's spamming TooVanilla? That ain't cool man. That's a pretty junior thing to do right there.
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