Friday, December 16, 2005

Here's the new kit for next year...

this is what the ancient Chinese call "the eye of the tiger."
first of all, congrads! on your terrific win n' prevented-hypothermic close call....glad mr knapp provided "his assistance n' body heat [like kathleen turner!]." and, your refrain from arrfffin', nice work!

wow, are you standing in mrs martin's 2nd grade classroom? did anyone compliment you on resembling capt america [national pre-olympic, baby-bald eagle]?? UB lookin' good.

pp= ping pong= pomegranate n' peanuts fella [our fill-in bloggerHost] did good work, while you raced your heart out [aka, popsicle man]. we have fun, mostly with you, sometimes without you. we self-entertain when you're away.
H-O-Double T HOTT!!!
sommer still scares me ping pong
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