Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Catching up

I've been fighting off a cold the past couple days, ever since I had to go sit in meetings in the basement for a couple hours. Haven't been sick all year, and all it takes is a morning full of meetings to give me a scratchy throat. Figures. At least it's the best time of year to get sick. Better now than three weeks ago.

Anybody tried fig newmans recently? For the past few months, they've been all dry. But I kept up with them, and the last pack was back to their wonderful, moist, goodness. It's just like bike racing. Things may not be going well for awhile, but if you stick with it, chances are they'll turn around.

Speaking of bike racing, who's excited for the first road race? I'm not. It's coming up here in 7 weeks or so. Seems like I just stopped racing two weeks ago. Oh wait, I did. The off season is too short. Maybe I need to pick up another sport, like speed skating. That way I could race every weekend of the year. That's exactly what I need. More racing. What I'm most excited about is my trip to Italy this summer with my wife. That's right, I'm spending a week in Italy with no bike racing, just bike riding. It'll be the first time in years I've taken time off of work just for relaxing, not for racing. It will be great.

Got my wife a sweet Trek 1500 for Christmas. It's this really nice baby blue color, sort of like the color of my too vanilla for you t-shirt. She hasn't ridden it yet, but I can tell she wants to. I know because she told me, "I want to ride it".

Had our team meeting the other night. Sat down with a couple guys from last year and a couple new guys and hashed out what we're doing for next year. I'm pretty excited, we'll be sporting a different look with more black and less purple. Hopefully Ping Pong's butt will look less like Grimmus from McDonald's and more like a bike racer's. I'm putting him to work this year.

And for the record, I don't hate Veloshop or River City. Or the Bike Gallery. I do, however, hate how I cracked the rim on my carbon wheels. That'll hurt the wallet. Well, those things have seen so many seasons and so much racing that I suppose it was about time. I'm still riding them, anyhow. All I did was set the brake pads lower, and they finished out the rest of the season.

My wife and I saw that movie Syriana on Christmas day. It was good, but I think I'll need to see it again to fully understand what was going on. There were about 5 plot lines going on, all intertwined. It really makes you think whether or not the filmmaker sensationalized anything. If not, that's some crazy shit going on over there.

You know what else is good? Mandarin oranges. That's what I'm talking about.

More later. Boo yah.

Who are the new guys? Tell us! Tell us! It will be nice to have someone to kick around besides Pong and the rest!
where is my beautiful baby blue t? Tell Ping Pong I'm coming after his big Grimmus ass if I don't see it soon.
Ping Pong, someone's after some ass from you.
holiday pizza w/jalapenos & some "animal flesh" will cure your throat! add, holiday heart burn too!

staying well: avoid all mtgs, buy chickens 4 yard, wear your bird-flu mask,n' keep your co-workers at bay.

fred's offered your newmans' & ~fresh___ wheat-less fig newtons--bought these. not bad, good after-taste. santa delivered a gift card for f/m....easy to blow on a pallet of fresh figs & organic newtons :)

while in Italy--roam in Rome, Assissi, Spoleto[NE valley],north alps & verona...i prefer the serene countryside [olive groves]& mtns. 1 week is too short--take 3 wks, to relax.

i love my trek 2100, like santa, it's red n' white--acquired last july. chalked many-a hilly miles :)

two sets of swagg wheels & lemond frame were raffled at mtn cycle beer-bust....where were U? swagg cold-cuts were flug our way too.

fave films: 'brokeback mtn & capote' R superb; well-liked,'constant/gardenr; shopgirl; grizz man; shopgirl;ms&mr smith'. must have phD to digest syriana...hmmm, i dislike shows that i gotta study [didn't see].

--get better,consume endless mandarins, n' tossin' ya a ricola n' yur pillow!

ps: does cliff blog?
Eeewwww! That is so NOT what I said!
I don't think Cliff blogs.
Does Sommer blog?
I took 3 weeks off from racing last summer. I didn't even think about a bike. It was SO nice. Just walking/train and one bag.

Italy: Cinque Terre (stayed in Corniglia 3 days), Florence (ooh, the art), Siena (hit some peripheral towns too)... then back to southern France, near Cassis. Look up "le Calanques d'En Vau" on google images... or look here:

Picture yourself hiking there. Floating in the water (bring goggles). Nothing but a few sailboats and some nice bathing beauties. Fresh olives, vegetables, local cheese, and the wine... yum!

When I returned in July, I had plenty of time to prep for cx season.
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