Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Weekend report

Just got back from the East Coast this morning from rounds 3 and 4 of the USGP. So I flew back into PDX, and when I got down to the baggage claim, I got both my bags, but my bike didn't come through. I checked in the oversize luggage claim area, and didn't see it there, then the alarm went off and the conveyor stopped, and still no bike!

I went to the baggage claim desk, and there wasn't anybody there, so I went up to the Northwest ticketing counter. They weren't any help. They told me I had to talk to the people down in the baggage claim area, and they didn't seem to understand that I couldn't talk to people that weren't there. I was getting annoyed, so I called my asian helper Ping-Pong to come get me. I was resigned to the fact that I was going to have to wait until the airlines found my bike.

I got back down to the baggage claim area where Ping-Pong was coming to pick me up. There were finally people at the desk so I went up to them to find out when they were going to get me my bike. Lo and behold, there it was, sitting right next to the desk. It turns out the bike had gone through on the conveyor belt, gone into the back area where the oompa-loompas work, and on it's way back out it had gotten stuck in the hole in the wall, shutting down the conveyor belt and setting off the alarm.

Those incompetent fools.

Oh yeah, 8th on Saturday and 11th on Sunday.

I would like to see an "Ask Shannon a Question" section... I'll start, where does cyclo cross come from?
That's a great idea. Cyclocross comes from a combination of the Greek word "cyclos", which obviously means to cyclo, and the latin word cruces, which means to cross.

Next question?
How come some bikes are vanilla, and others are not?
Some bikes are vanilla. Those that aren't are Treks.
Why are your calves so ripped?
It's a result of my vanilla-ness. Look for a calve-rip-off between me and some co-workers on an upcoming blog.

Next question?
How did Tonkin get so awesome?
We all start out that awesome, but lose the awesomeness when we shave the hair off our bodies. He discovered that and cultivated as much body hair as he could.
Where are the t's? What will they look like? Will I have ripped calves like you if I wear one?
how did you get yourself a link on bikeportland.org?
For the first time ever, I will attempt to answer two questions at once. The first one pertains to the t-shirts that are coming, the second to the appearance of a link to my blog on bikeportland.org. Here goes:

The printer is out of town, and I don't know.
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