Friday, November 25, 2005

Thanksgiving wrap-up

I had a good thanksgiving. Did you?

It started off with a few hours on the bike with the Kona boys (the hairy one and the tall one), Dougie, and Chad. Weather was good, no rain. After that came my favorite part about Thanksgiving: the eating. First I ate a bunch because I was hungry. Then I ate some more to carbo-load (and turkey-load) for the big races coming up. Then I ate some more in honor of all those people out there who are less fortunate and are unable to have a nice meal every day. Then I ate some more.

So I had quite a few people tell me that my last post wasn't funny. What, do you guys think I do this to entertain you? If so, you try coming up with intelligent, interesting crap that's funny all the time. It's a lot harder than it looks. Or I could start doing race reports if that's what everybody wants. But I know that the people really just want to hear what it's like to be me.

I am eating lunch right now. First, I made a turkey sandwich. Then I had some more turkey so I ate that, breadless, but with some mustard. Ping Pong brought in some homemade pumpkin pie but Slaven go to it before I had a chance. Instead, I am eating peanuts right now for dessert. Less satisfying.

Somebody post a comment and I'll respond.

did you see Lost this week? I heard it was a doozy...
Where do turkeys come from?
Lost was good, yes. It looks like Kate is choosing Sawyer, and Jack and Michelle Rodriguez may make out, if he can forgive her for killing Shannon (not me, the character).

Turkeys come from the supermarket. I got mine at Fred Meyer.
OK, pls return my Tips of $1 bills if you're not gonna Entertain us!

My Thanksgiving consisted of being Orphaned into a SE party of 2 roadCyclists & myself...the rest, artsy-crafty folks [couples]. Oh yeah, incl a 15yr old rottweiler wearing Huggies [lacking proper bladder control]! Does this remind you of anyone?

Didn't ride, ran neighborhood track instead. Dear Mr Mustard-turkey Gai--what would you do? You're in a grassy, school field. You notice a siberian dog running loose--then see the owner. They're carrying a mug of beer, CD player, & no leash. The dog poops on grass, as both of you notice, & you happen to have a plas.bag. Do you approach this person, giving them the bag? Do you ask them to pick up the crap? Do you ignore the Lack of Couth of this ignorant person n' keep running?

Back to Dinner, we gathered at 3:30 & ate at 6. I proudly ate like it was my Last meal. I skipped all desserts, jus' don't crave them. Hot cider was good--lacked decent coffee tho. Did you Hog on desserts? Time for Tums!
Sommer11: I'm dying to know what you did. Did you smack the guy with your plastic bag?
Howdy Mr Let, as in Pig: since Mr S/S is MIA.....wanderin' about the shop, not replyin'.....after her dog 'dumped', I gave her the plas.bag--asking her to "shovel the sh*t." She said,'Oh,OK' thus ignoring me. I remarked,"Yeah, ya don't listen well either." She then exited the field, back to her trailer park. [Perhaps, she'll stumble onto the Grass,hitting the Pile!] What would you do?
As I am severely socially retarded, I would mutter something snide to myself and hope that the offender does not have superhuman hearing, get all road-raged and pistol-whip me with the gun he bought with his meth cookins.
Speaking of Poo... I was out for a run around my parent's property thanksgiving morning. They have a forested 15 acres on a hillside. It involved lots of foresty hills, trails, bushwacking on some new openings my dad carved w/ the logging equipment, and some mud. It was a lot of fun. The thing about visiting the folks, is, the diet consists of much more cheese and meat than usual for me... that kind of fouls up my morning poo routine. I thought all would be well, but it turned out mid-run that it was going to be one of those runs that includes "the runs". I thought I was able to hold it all in during the occasional intestinal surges when I'd back off on the pace, especially on the downhills. It wasn't until I got back and was undressing for my shower that I realized I had really crapped my pants some. I don't wear underwear so you can imagine what that looked like... and the smell... ugk. I haven't done that since boy scout camp in 5th grade. Hope it's that long until the next time.

Anyways, one more week of training and it's winter break. Oh joy!
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